Albuquerque, New Mexico July 29 - 31, 2022

Winners Coming Soon

Our judges are currently deliberating on the 2022 winners. Awards will be determined for a number of categories, including Best Film, which will go on to represent Albuquerque, NM at Filmapalooza 2023 and vie for Best 48HFP Film of 2022.

Required Elements

  • Character: Katy or Keith Stemwinder, Tour Guide
  • Prop: a book
  • Line: "Did you try wiggling it?"

Best Of Screening

Tickets: $10.00 USD PURCHASE
Mon, Aug 15, 2022 @ 5:30pm
Guild Cinema
3405 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque 87106

The Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project is proud to present this year's best films at The Guild Cinema! Join us as we celebrate "The Best" movies from this year's festival that teams completed within 48 hours using a random genre, prop, line of dialogue and character! 

In person-tickets will sell out quick so be sure to purchase yours today! Virtual screening tickets are also avaliaible.

Best Of Screening After-Party

Mon, Aug 15, 2022 @ 8:30pm - 10:30pm
Tractor Brewing Company
118 Tulane Dr SE, Albuquerque 87106

After our "Best Of Screening", come join us for an after-party celebration across the street at Tractor Brewing Company! We'll celebrate your hard work and wrap-up this season of the Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project. The event will happen on Monday, August 15th from 8:30PM-10:30PM. 

Screening Groups

Group A Sunday, August 7, 2022 @ 1:00pm

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • All Who Oppose Jared Ostrom
  • Blue Hammock Allan Saraphon
  • Byrdmangroup/Mega-Ultra Studios Steven Byrd
  • FilmVoid Steve Cuevas
  • Just A Little Funny Finnegan McKelvey
  • PortHolesInk Brendan Fehr
  • Space Age Daydream Brandon Carter
  • Ultimatum Pictures Alex Gianopoulos
  • Veypurr Armando Prieto

Group B Sunday, August 7, 2022 @ 3:30pm

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Astronaut Labs Chuck Cascio
  • BBT Mike Radigan
  • Big Shoes Colin Stapleton
  • Burritos in a Half Shell Laura Segura
  • cam.era AJ Brotman
  • Faulty Trail Ryan Long
  • Ganesha FilmWorks Andrew Johnson-Schmit
  • Insignican't Producktions Seley Rayne
  • Starlite PMC COREY JONES
  • The Dapper Ducklings Ally Kotwica
  • UnScene Media ALDREI ALFONSO

Group C Sunday, August 7, 2022 @ 6:00pm

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • "Women" Emma Meyers
  • 505 1/2 Jonathan Nagel
  • Desert Dwellers Productions Julian Gowdy
  • Fumblers Alonso Indacochea
  • Ghost Flower Films Aldo Jadrnicek
  • Los Metates Studios Matthew Evans
  • Mesa Mt Film Darrell Fong
  • shadow productions James Martel
  • Slate 505 John FreelyKirk
  • Team Suncats Andrew Garcia
  • The Tarintinos Andrew Tarin

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