What is Filmapalooza?

Filmapalooza is our annual film festival and filmmaking conference. It takes place every year in March. Filmmakers from all over the world gather in a different city every year to celebrate winning films, creativity and each other. Filmapalooza serves as the ultimate destination for filmmakers who have participated in the 48 Hour Film Project in various cities worldwide throughout the previous year.

Where is Filmapalooza?

We choose a different city every year. In 2024 it was in sunny Lisbon, while in 2023 we were in the filmmaking capital of the world: Los Angeles.
Other cities include: Washington DC, Rotterdam, Seattle and Paris.

What do we do at Filmapalooza?

We screen ALL the city winning films, special genre and competition films, we provide workshops on all kinds of topics, have networking events and parties. And to top it all off: a grand award ceremony where we announce our Grand Champion!

One of the most remarkable aspects of Filmapalooza is the diversity of films it showcases. From heartwarming dramas to side-splitting comedies, spine-tingling thrillers to thought-provoking documentaries, the event offers a kaleidoscope of cinematic experiences, reflecting the myriad of cultures, perspectives, and storytelling styles from across the globe.

Who can come to Filmapalooza?

In short? Everyone! Whether you are a member of a city winning team, a 48er that wants the experience, friends, family or want to dive into the world that is the 48HFP.
-we welcome everyone!