San Diego, California July 24 - 26, 2015

The 48 Hour Film Project comes to San Diego on the weekend of July 24 - 26, 2015. Filmmakers from all over the San Diego area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world.

Enter today! Space is limited.

This year, teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once the initial registration is complete, we will add teams to a waiting list.

Regular registration is $160. If teams register after Tuesday, July 14 they must pay a rate of $175.

Register for the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project now!

San Diego 48HFP Events


Date  Friday, July 24
Time  6:00 - 7:00pm
Place  to be announced


Date  Sunday, July 26
Time  to be announced (by 7:30pm to be on time!)
Place  to be announced

Premiere Screenings

Date  August 10
Time  6:30pm
Place  Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15, 701 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101
Tickets  $15.00 (purchase them here)

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Our Sponsors and Partners

Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Monday, August 10 @ 6:30pm

Finest City Improv, Amy Lisewski
Grudio Pictures, Susan Davis
Jagapoga Studios, Deepu Thomas
Lights in a Box, Roman Koenig
Machina Films, Michael McCumber
Preposterous Films, Joseph Castanho
RAWMIX Productions, Rommel Andaya
Team Groovy, Tom Antl
Too Many Cooks, Isabella Garcia
Two Ten Films, Nicolaus Taylor
XX, Sue Vicory

Group B
Screening on Monday, August 10 @ 9:00pm

2 AM Burrito , Luis Martinez
BAMF House, Carol Morrow
Bench Warmers, Raja Harsha Vardhan Pilli
E.T. Productions, Thomas Espino
First Time Long Time, Ryan Etzel
Impactus, Ammar ur Rahman Khan
Killa Catz, Oscar Velasquez
Logan2 (Logan Squared) Productions, Hannah Logan
state of flux, Jake Segraves
What In The World Productions, Angelica Corral

Group C

Almost Good Films, Mark Gadia
cinephonic 88, Arnesto Bautista
FourLazyGuys , Cassidy Mitchell
Nameless Productions, Rebecca Reyes
Rowlbertos Media , Robert Knauf
TheCreativeBlock, Victor Ciccarelli

Group D

City Band Productions, Ramon Vasquez Jr.
WunderKids, Cameron Pugh

Group E

A Focus Group, Ryan Casselman
Bad MF, Stephen Mickelsen
DreamTeam SD48, Marcus Hanson
Guerrilla Aesthete Productions, april taie
Poinciana, Brhee McClure
The Greatest Film Company in the World, Francine Filsinger
zAP Productions, terry ross

Group F

Galactic Minions, Walter Nowosad
Higher Level Productions, Ishmael Meza
Metal Pixel Foundry, Jonathan Medel
Sensory Spectacles, Connor Rossi
Snarky Films, Christopher Colthurst
Twisted Turtles, Jeffery Beach

Group G

O'side Film Crew, Brian Barnhart Jr
Rebel Kids Entertainment, Justice Parman
SuperSight, Ryan Connolly
This is Happening, Free Man
Time Is Ltd., Richard Hoffner
Viva!, Horacio Jones
Yet Another Film Team, Ken Hull

Group H

Cane Toad Productions, David Newman
Kilna Companies, Anthony Kilna
Low Octane Productions, Tim Bucklin
San Diego Film Company, Raj Milian
The BAND WITH NO NAME Film Company, Benjamin To

Unassigned Teams

The Rivalry , Yasmin Rahman
AlexanderZ, Alexander Zahedi
aMAZEing Productions, Charles Maze
Brutal Films, Thomas Condry
Claysburgh Productions, Josh Reznicek
Clock Blockers, mark liwanag
Dead Poets Society, Jordi Bertran
Dynamic Punch Productions, Nico Raisbeck
Edward and James in Technicolor, Tyler Firth
EnLighthouse Entertainment, Kim Sheridan
Flipping Bird Films, Christian Weatherspoon
Form Over Function, Keith Gresham
GrooveKo, Jonathan Hammond
Hysterical Paroxysm, Sarai Phegley
LA FILM F.C, Eduardo Espinoza
One and Done, Sharon Geyer
Priceless Productions , Casey Price
Resulting Impact Film Productions, Matthew Melin
Rogue Identity, Brian De Guzman
Shark-bite Bagel, Tina Chang
Snowman Blood Productions, Micah Russell
Sofa King Awesome, David Vasquez
Studio Studio Productions, Jose Ortiz
Tea and Bag Production Co. , Ryan Rivera
Theory of Games, John Berry
TinyBeast , trish pavlecich
Triton Television, Daniel Song

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