Osaka, Japan 23 - 25 October 2015

The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Osaka on the weekend of 23 - 25 October 2015. Filmmakers from all over the Osaka area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world.

Enter today! Space is limited.

This year, teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once the initial registration is complete, we will add teams to a waiting list.

Register for the Osaka 48 Hour Film Project now!

Osaka 48HFP Events


Date  3 October (Saturday)
Time  11:00-19:00
Place  in→dependent theatre 2nd, 〒556-0005 大阪府大阪市浪速区日本橋4丁目7-22


Date  23 October (Friday)
Time  18:00 - 19:00
Place  Digital Hollywood, 大阪市北区鶴野町4-11 朝日プラザ梅田ビル2F


Date  25 October (Sunday)
Time  18:00 - 20:00 (by 19:30 to be on time!)
Place  Digital Hollywood, 大阪市北区鶴野町4-11 朝日プラザ梅田ビル2F

Premiere Screenings

Date  2015-10-31
Time  to be announced
Place  Creo Osaka South

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Registered Teams

4tana, 紗綾 上野
おふとん王国, 隆志 金房
天かすFilm, 荻 颯太郎
奥本組, 元 奥本
ウォーターセブン, 種田 英悟
エドボリガイズ, 昭彦(Akihiko) 端野(Hashino)
オプティモ, 西尾 雅志
DESIRE, 俊秀 三好
IBTNK, 史有 平林
LittleCars, KIM Jinhyoung
NTKS, 英士郎 木村
PC-LAB3, Naoyuki Iwata
TDRB, 皓平 木野
Tempura, Hiro Kinoshita
zakofilm, ayako tomita

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