The 48 Hour Film Project

The Boston 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Boston on the weekend of May 1st through May 3rd. Filmmakers from all over New England will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world at Filmapalooza, our end-of-year event.

No more slots are available for the Boston 48HFP, but please sign up for our waiting list. If teams drop out, we will invite teams from the waiting list.

Also, you can join a team by giving your information to the Boston team leaders through our website or coming to one of our meet and greets (information below).

Boston 48HFP Events

Meet and Greet III

Date  Tuesday, April 28
Time  7-9pm
Place  The People's Republik, 878 Mass Ave, Cambridge

Recruit folks for your team, find a team to participate with, get advice, share stories, ask Ben and Rachel questions, play darts, or just have a burger or beer!

We'll be taking videos of actors and crew looking for teams, so actors, so come with your game face on!


Date  Friday, May 1
Time  5:30-7pm
Place  Lir Irish Pub & Restaurant, 903 Boylston Street


Date  Sunday, May 3
Time   (by 7:30pm to be on time!)
Place  Lir Irish Pub & Restaurant, 903 Boylston Street

Premiere Screenings

Date  May 5, 6, and 12
Time  7pm and 9:15pm
Place  Kendall Square Cinema, One Kendall Square, Cambridge

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Photo by Ian Howard.

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Screening Groups

Group A
Screening on Tuesday, May 5, at 7pm

Invite folks to Screening Group A using Facebook

Extra Medium, Steve Lewis
IncendioFilms, Stephan Panico
The Java Cats, John Willoughby
Longshot, David perez
MillieCat Productions, Dave Montgomery
1 AAA Actor Team, Andrea Lyman
Robot and the Ready Readies, Stephen Wrobleski
SparkStart Productions, Gina Luciano
Street Ninja Productions, Katelyn MacLean
The Studio, Nathan Cameron
Thayer Academy Film Club, Braden Joe
Third Eye Agency, Nate Cantalupo
Trust, Bruv, Desiree McMahon
Wax Idiotical Films, Kyp Pilalas

Group B
Screening on Tuesday, May 5, at 9:15pm

Invite folks to Screening Group B using Facebook

Allen & Gerritsen, James Ferguson
Brilliant Gem Productions, Alex Nenopoulos
Broken Compass Videos, Phil DiPrima
Collective Subconscious Productions, Ned Scannell
Fat Foot Films, Aaron Bouchard
Fix It In Post, Todd Mahoney
Lyve Media, Frank Flahive
Pica Films, Matt Relstab
Sparkle Motion Pictures, Glen Weinstein
Team Otis, Bill Parker
Top Feeg, Joseph LaRocca
Unfinished Draught, Mike Nichols
Vitamin Snake, Jon Costanza
White Door Films, Anthony Caddigan

Group C
Screening on Wednesday, May 6, at 7pm

Invite folks to Screening Group C using Facebook
(This is the family-friendly screening group.)

FRED-TV , Pauline McGrath
Garmonbozia Productions, Alex Cote
GoGulls Productions, megan yawor
Gwowl Productions, Gwyneth White
Maquillage Films, Shaun Donahue
Moose Films, David Canfield
The Piano Men, Adria Orenstein
The Super Secret Improv Collective, Dave Galloway
Team Torpor, David Baron
Team Wednesday, Chris Ho
Waverley Knobs Entertainment, Tatiana Ivan

Group D
Screening on Wednesday, May 6, at 9:15pm

Invite folks to Screening Group D using Facebook

Bottom of the Barrel, Rabia Neslihan Sahinkaya
Brainfox/In The Car, Brett Johnson
Corrupted File, Meaghan Bauer
Crazed Weasel Entertainment, Brendan Millet
CS50, David Malan
11 Car Pile up Productions, Chris Denmead
First Day of School Pictures, Daniel Latimer
Glasseye, Kevin Banks
Hoover Products, Ben Heider
Institute Institute, Andrew Thompson
The Mason Jars, Sebastian Ruan
The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, Michael J. Epstein
The Troglodytes, Nicholas Agri
Warehouse, caroline hubert

Group E
Screening on Tuesday, May 5, at 7pm

Invite folks to Screening Group E using Facebook

Charles River Swimming and Diving Team, Pete Septoff
Donut Pirates, lisa aimola
Fetchaduck Films, Jamie Moschella
Good Natured Dog Productions, Alecia Orsini
Groton Tomatoes, Bob Colman
Lang Productions, Norman Lang
MetroWest Media Productions, William Campbell
Now Shooting, Whittaker Ingbretson
PS Productions, Santosh Dawesar
Scrupulous Productions, Dan Harrold
Shoot the Moon Films, Curtis Reid
Team Puckerfish, Christopher McKenzie
Until Further Notice, Paul Ezzy
Weekend Warriors, Brandon Cardwell

Group F
Screening on Tuesday, May 12, at 9:15pm

Invite folks to Screening Group F using Facebook

box house productions, nathaniel hilbert
F.I.L.F. Squad, Nick Blanchette
First Riverbed Canvas, Tom Kochem
Fitweed, charles almy
Fried Nostalgia Films, Ryan Hoff
Grassfed Productions, Jay LeBeau
Hop and Pop Productions, Jeff Poreda
Jack Flash Films, Peter Ferriero
Obnots, Joed Polly
Pelham Productions, Jeremy Fraga
Self Unemployed, Chris Dryer
Spacetime, Roger Metcalf
Stand Up Mandy, Jeffrey Stern
Tooting in the Leaves, Sean Foy
UMass Boston Movie Making Club, Daniel Richardson

Group G: Unassigned

These teams will be assigned screening groups by Monday, May 4

Chau's Creative, chau le
Clockwork productions, Rebecca Malas
Illest Villians, Dariush Ghaffari
Never Serious, James Basler