Washington, District of Columbia June 23 - 25, 2017

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Alternative Endings for winning Best Film of 2017. Their film The Trip will go on to represent Washington against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2018.

1st Place: Best Film of 2017

The Trip by Alternative Endings

2nd Place: Best Film of 2017

Hanging Around by DinoRocket?

3rd Place: Best Film of 2017

Things Unseen by Mirandum Pictures

Required Elements

  • Character: Paul or Paula Franciosa, Activist
  • Prop: Bubble Wrap
  • Line: ""Sorry, the answer is no.""

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Big Banana by Lingering Sky

Audience Favorite: Group B

Shaolin Baby Shower by Unknown Penguin

Devour by Crowded Elevator Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group C

Things Unseen by Mirandum Pictures

Audience Favorite: Group D

All's Fair! by The State Werx Productions

Audience Favorite: Group E

Recalculating Journey by The Big Honkin'

2017 Film List

  • 15 feet by One Three Seven Films

    A veteran suffering from ptsd has a difficult day when confronted with an anti-war activist

  • 48 Hour Filmception: A Mystery by FLOOFBORK Films

    A group of amature filmmakers make a 48 Hour Film about making a 48 Hour Film.

  • A Day Away by Hillview Productions

    Special kids taking a day away

  • A Piece of the Past by Collabish Studios

    A time traveler from the future enlists his best friend to correct a defining moment from his past.

  • All Natural by Noah Please Come Back

    Topekan activist, Paul Franciosa, seeks frienship in an organization which outwardly appears to be nothing more than a passionate environmental group.

  • All On The Line by Hot Jealousy

    A young man lays it all on the line as he experiences the anxiety ridden tortures of pitching his dream to apathetic studio exec's.

  • All's Fair! by The State Werx Productions

    Several people, including a married couple trying to rekindle the romance, and a swinger couple looking for action, attend a speed dating event and discover that true love is hard to find.

  • An Apple a Day by Team Yay Movies!

    When a young girl stumbles upon an odd keepsake, she begins asking questions, unraveling her grandfather’s dark past one story at a time.

  • Bubble Trouble by R Street Productions

    Misfit friends join arms with an enemy and succumb to their strange addiction together.

  • Bubble Wars by Just Mezin

    Returning from an Intergalactic peace mission, the crew has more than they bargained for.

  • By Good Rights by DC Stunt Coalition
  • Crazy for Calamari by Yellow Cow Productions

    Two best friends meet an attractive ocean activist and discover that they are all a bit obsessive about squid in very different ways.

  • Descent Into Gladness by Running Caterpillar

    When the world says no, one brave man says...wheeeeeeee!

  • Devour by Crowded Elevator Pictures

    A woman's hangry attitude drives away her friends. Or does it?

  • Dojo Democracy by Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

    Democracy Ain't Easy...

  • Environmentally Friendly by Team Sea Lizard

    Global warming's a bitch.

  • Game Night! by Assorted Meats and Cheeses

    Remy loves board games and his first love is chess, but his new roomie has a different idea of game night.

  • Hanging Around by DinoRocket?

    A picture-perfect couple.

  • Here Kitty by TBD

    Exploring the thin lines between sexual attraction and sexual harassment, four young adults debate the ethics of cat-calling.

  • Hold My Hand by Cup O'Meat Productions

    A mother trying to keep hope alive instead of grieving her loss

  • Holding Ground by Speed Sloth LWTS

    After losing a civil war, a group of activists holed up in an office building are greeted by a bounty hunter from the enemy side.

  • Hurricane by 57 RONIN

    The calm before the storm.

  • inconceivable by Frozen Penguin Productions

    A soon-to-be mother seeks respite among her friends, only to find herself imperiled by those closest to her.

  • LanLine by ProAmateur EMT Films

    If life is passing you by, why worry about the wifi?

  • Miami or Bust by Project Now

    A baby sister ruins guys weekend with two uninvited guests.

  • Moon Rock by MAXIMUM SUMMER

    A mockumentary set in the distant future about a group of government employees working at the federal agency tasked with the prevention of moon rock erosion across the galaxies.

  • Moving Day by Discordian Films

    Moving in and moving on.

  • My Brother's Keeper by ColdOneWithTheBoys

    My brother has a big head

  • needles by DMV Productions

    A young man can change his past but the outcomes are not as he expected...

  • Ninja Baby by Actors with Strings

    Baby fights back from a Carjacking

  • NON PROFIT NINJA by Cinema Murcielago

    This Summer, Check Your Privilege at The Door

  • Post Factor by Two Proof Films

    App developer navigates a strange new workplace and his on morality.

  • Recalculating Journey by The Big Honkin'

    Mark and Sara reassess their relationship after a car ride.

  • Rita's Remorse by A Better Tomorrow Productions

    A troubled actress is given the chance to return to the screen, but demons from her past resurface.

  • Severed Ties by Poor Bastard Productions

    A story about a young woman and her unusual relationship with her father.

  • Shame Wood by Rei Productions

    There's a new "sherriff" in town, and there is no shame in his game.

  • Shaolin Baby Shower by Unknown Penguin

    Phyllis's office's baby shower gets out of hand when a simple game becomes competitive. Deadly competitive.

  • St. Miranda by Conservatory Productions

    Miranda finds the wrong Paul. Or does she?

  • Strike Back by Plan R Films

    Vengeance has never been more justified.

  • THAT’S A WRAP by Tell Tale Films

    When faced with a life-threatening illness, a career assassin takes matters into her own hands and chooses her successor.

  • The Big Avocado by Bitcoin Accepted

    Paula's emotional rant about the big avocado industry inspires some changes, in her and the law.

  • The Big Banana by Lingering Sky

    After protesting skyrocketing banana prices Paul and Paula are harassed by the banana industry

  • The Big Impossible by We Have This!

    All star 48 Hour Film team almost falls apart, but succeeds in the end.

  • The boss is always right by LEMAR

    The boss is always right. Employee trying to get something for his boss's birthday unfortunate events occur.

  • The Foreigner by Built Mad Films

    After entering the wrong car, a tourist is taken along for a ride with a dangerous group.

  • The kolour of Karma by Let Me Translate Productions

    A man who hurts himself and has an out of mind experience which changes his opinion on an certain topic.

  • The Late Linda Tuttle by Tryka Film Coalition

    Detective Red Herrington solves the murder of former track star, Linda Tuttle.

  • The Rest of Your Life by Tohubohu Productions

    Best friends Abby and Caleb have major life changes afoot: Abby is preparing to go off to college and Caleb is adjusting to the world of the recently deceased.


    Which comes first? Money? Family? Honesty? All will be revealed in the end.

  • The Stinger by Untouchable Films

    An exciting sneak peek into the eventual sequel to Sting 2: Get Stung

  • The Tenure Games by WIFV

    Faced with budget constraints, a college president devises several competitions for the faculty in the School of the Arts to determine which two departments will be eliminated, or else she will lose her own job.

  • The Trip by Alternative Endings

    In the near future, a widower who longs to see his wife again must risk his future to revisit the past where he may once again experience the most special day of their lives together.

  • The Visit by Rebel Alliance Film Coalition

    The Grandparents are coming to visit.

  • Things Unseen by Mirandum Pictures

    Two people must deliver a mysterious package to a reclusive professor obsessed with the paranormal.

  • Transmission by Dniym Productions

    Will a distraught mother and father ever find their son?

  • Ugly Duchess by Archaeological Illusion

    The Airbnb of ugly friends, the Tinder of better wing-girl choices.

  • Welcome Home by Shrug Productions

    Getting settled can be unsettling.

  • Will Work for Fool by Dupont Circle Pictures

    Can you spare a few minutes?...oof

  • You'll Be Fine by The Quest

    A older babysitter struggles to find things in common with a group of teenage girls who, it turns out, are struggling to find things in common with each other.

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