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Make a Film in 48 Hours

See it on the Big Screen at your local theater.

How to 48 in 5 easy steps:

  1. Put your team together--friends, fellow filmmakers, like-minded creatives
  2. Register for your city's 48 Hour Film Project
  3. Receive your genre, character, prop and line at Kickoff
  4. Make a movie and have fun! You have 48 Hours to write, shoot and edit a short
  5. Upload your film by the deadline and make plans to attend the screening.

What Genre Will You Draw?

Your filmmaking weekend begins by drawing two genres from a hat. Pick one to use or combine them both.

Here are a few sample genres for 2023. View the full list.



Sci Fi

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How good can a film actually be if you only have 48 hours to make it?

Take a look and see...

Featured 48HFP Films

"Sonrisita" by Barbak&Gougoutte films Côte d'Azur, FR 48HFP 2018

"勝利の選択" by W7 Osaka, JP 48HFP 2018

"Cachito mío" by Ananké Mexico 48HFP 2018

Latest News

2023 Filmapalooza Awards Announced!

A standing ovation to greet the new Grand Champion 2023 of the 48 Hour Film Project at the Filmapalooza Awards Show in Los Angeles!Congratulations to all of our winners!  The judges enjoyed all the fantastic films.  Each of you should be proud of your work.  The winners are: Grand Champion: “Threshold” by jartoman (Jacksonville)
2nd Place Best Film: “De Kleine Astronaut” by Nahshon Film (Rotterdam)
3rd Place Best Film: “Le Gran... read more

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