Required Elements

During Kickoff, minutes before the Official Filmmaking Periods begins, the city producer will announce the three required elements for that competition.

The elements vary from city to city, but all teams in each location will receive the same elements.

Elements used in end credits of your film do NOT count.

These three elements MUST be included in your film to be eligible for awards.


The required prop (object) MUST be seen in your film on screen, and should be used in your film in some way.

Line of Dialogue:

The required line MUST be spoken, sung or written VERBATIM. It may be divided between two actors, as long as both parts follow each other without added words in between. It may be in a foreign language, but then it should be subtitled.


The required character does not have to be the leading role, but we must actually see him/her/them on screen. The name does NOT have to be spoken out loud, as long as we can infer who he/she/they is. The profession/character trait and name of the character must belong to the same person.