Boston, Massachusetts May 7 - 9, 2021

Winners Coming Soon

Our judges are currently deliberating on the 2021 winners. Awards will be determined for a number of categories, including Best Film, which will go on to represent Boston, MA at Filmapalooza 2022 and vie for Best 48HFP Film of 2021.

Tickets are available now for the 2021 Boston Digital Red Carpet, Best Of Screening, and Awards Show at:

And in the meantime...

Audience Awards... the Audience has Spoken!

Group A Audience Award Winner:

"The Background" by Medley of Fresh Vegetables (Team Leader: Deirdre McCarthy)

Group A Audience Award Honorable Mention:
"Porcelaino, P.I." by Obnots (Team Leader: Joed Polly)

Group B Audience Award Winner:

"Flush" by John John Mark Mac (Team Leader: Mark Pump)

Group B Audience Award Honorable Mention:
"Therapy King" by PO6. Productions (Team Leader: Rachel Thomas-Medwid)

Group C Audience Award Winner:

"The Next Big Thing" by Moose Films (Team Leader: David Canfield)

Group C Audience Award Honorable Mention:
"The Clash at Deep Owl Woods" by Red Wine With Fish (Team Leader: Bob Leader)

Required Elements

  • Character: Roman or Roma Turcott, Executive Director
  • Prop: A coffee cup or mug--not disposable
  • Line: ""I can't remember where or when." OR "I cannot remember where or when.""

Best Of Screening

Tickets: $10.00 USD PURCHASE
Sat, Jun 19, 2021 @ 7:00pm - 9:30pm for tix & ballots!

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Background by Medley Of Fresh Vegetables

Honorable Mention
Porcelaino, P.I. by Obnots

Audience Favorite: Group B

Flush by John John Mark Mac

Audience Favorite: Group C

The Next Big Thing by Moose Films

Honorable Mention
The Clash at Deep Owl Woods by Red Wine With Fish

Best Of Screening Group

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Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • A Gnome Darker by Collective Subconscious Productions
  • Flush by John John Mark Mac
  • Here Comes the Sun by Johnny Mnemonic
  • Life with the Dead by Pilotgroove Pictures
  • Man's Best Friend by Unclear Advantage
  • Porcelaino, P.I. by Obnots
  • Stuffed by Open Gate Films
  • The Background by Medley Of Fresh Vegetables
  • The Children's Plan by G.COLE Productions
  • The Clash at Deep Owl Woods by Red Wine With Fish
  • The Deja Vu Paradox: An Examination of Looping Time by Extra Medium
  • The Johnson Report by Hands Brerra
  • The Next Big Thing by Moose Films
  • The Water Man by Juri Love Productions
  • True Life: How I Became A Fairy by Dark Mystery Productions

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