New Orleans, Louisiana July 20 - 22, 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Mix Match Productions for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film Remnant will go on to represent New Orleans against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

Remnant by Mix Match Productions

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

Fire by The COOL Cooperative

3rd Place: Best Film of 2018

The Vanishing by Cinematic Equity

Required Elements

  • Character: Lorraine or Larry Chetta, Spy
  • Prop: a corkscrew
  • Line: "Really?!?"

Audience Favorite: Group A

Toad You So by Cut Dat Out Productions

Audience Favorite: Group B

Corkscrewed by Gas Money Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

The Ballad of Rose Mae by Fagan Films

Audience Favorite: Group D

TBC by GumboMonster

2018 Film List

  • #Road Trippin by Bag-a-Ho'z

    A group of friends take a strange little road trip.

  • A Better Birthday by LaReau Productions

    It's Uncle Nicky's birthday. What will he do on his special day?

  • A Day Without Magic by A Girl and her Goldfish Productions

    Eliza, a young witch, gets tired of her isolated life and decides to try something different. She leaves her aunts and takes a small but heartfelt journey into the real world.

  • A Painted Scandal by NOLAspire Productions

    After a spy's journey to attempt to steal a painting from Gladys, he finds out that the painting was already stolen and a twisted fate occurs.

  • Air Lea & Lee by We Be She

    You can't pee there!

  • At Sunset by StreetCar Films

    Two people meet at a bar, but they seem to have 3rd wheel they didn't expect...

  • Beyond the Music by Backyard Shed Films

    Peace, love, and espionage.

  • Black Girl, Magic by B Nice Productions

    After facing adversity all her life, Magic Douglas finally embraces the power that comes with her name.

  • Caught In Love by 1.n.e. Productions

    A spy tries to break free of the life when he falls in love.

  • Corkscrewed by Gas Money Productions

    After finding a corkscrew in their apartment, two roommates hire a spy to prove their third roommate is gay, but the spy robs them.

  • Escape by HeadHunter Productions

    A spy struggles to escape capture from his present and his past.

  • Final Hours by Out of Focus

    Could this be the final moments of mankind?

  • Fire by The COOL Cooperative

    After his failed audition, Larry must got on a fantastical journey in him mind in order to find his fire in time for a second chance.

  • GETTIN CHETTA by Rogue Martians

    Lorraine Chetta must find her spy husband, Larry and decide if she will choose love or money.

  • Goddess House by Swamp Fox Productions

    The Queen of the Goddess House refuses to rise from bed today. Her court goddesses must summon the one person who can help.

  • Here's Jazzy! by Swamp Critter Films

    As a quirky girl tries to support herself, her life becomes intertwined with a mysterious man. With every delivery, the strange man's desire, or even his obsession, grows.

  • Hidden Deep by You're Doing It Wrong Production

    A crew of amateur film makers suddenly find themselves in a haunting situation.

  • House of Fallen Angels by Psycho Kiddos

    A young socialite joins a high-society organization and establishes deviant relationships with its residents.

  • I Ain't Drinkin' no Bullsh*t by The Dummies

    An oil tycoons plans get foiled when two water protectors give him a taste of his own medicine.

  • I Spy a Simpler Life by Warren World Productions

    A spy encounters a mixup in the location of his vacation house and ends up looking for the finer things in a family backyard party.

  • I’d Tell You But I’d Have to Kill You by Scratch Ticket

    French Spy wrestling with guilt and the promise of a normal life

  • In The Forest by Magic Fairy Dust

    Have you forgotten how to listen?

  • Kiss Intel by Half Glass Productions

    You're mother always told you not to mess around with spies.

  • Loaded Trip by Sketchy Characters

    Even secret agents have secrets from each other. Take a ride in their minds to see how the mission ends.

  • Magically Me by Jenn and the Holograms

    A young boy comes to terms with his identity.

  • Merking by Wait...What?

    Facing extinction, a group of mermaid spies infiltrate a support group of fantasy characters.

  • Natasha: Impossible by Invisible Boyfriend

    A Russian spy has a change of heart, if only a cork screw weren't in the way.

  • Never Coming Back by All In Productions

    Love triangle or self hatred for making the wrong choices in love. Is Jenna a victim or the target of a sinister plan? Only one person knows the truth.

  • Not A Clue by Open Lens Studio

    A little help goes a long way.

  • Order in the Court by Fence Post Productions

    An attorney goes to extreme measures to prove her clients innocence.

  • Our Last Vacation by Le Roche Productions


  • Psychomachia by PMP Productions

    An espionage agent performs surveillance on a killer.

  • Recipe for Murder by Cine-Freaks

    An oppressed group of high society women find inspiration from a Russian spy; though they misunderstand the true meaning of fighting oppression, they inspire other women to rise up and fight through the media.

  • Remnant by Mix Match Productions

    In a deadly race to obtain fragments of a powerful artifact, a spy team is intercepted by a calculating insurgent.

  • Shock Traverse by Le Krewe Productions

    A young man tries to traverse his way to Tunis using an electric powered device, but the device brings him to unexpected and sporadic locations and events along the way.

  • Skrewed by Keeping It Reel

    Theater actors are being murdered one by one as the clock ticks down to opening night. Will the show go on?

  • Spy Hard: Part Tooth by Parish Films

    A tooth fairy finds himself as a fish out of water.

  • Spy Sisters to the Rescue by Feline films

    The Chetta Sisters and the Mystery of the Missing Brooch

  • Sweating Bullets by The Privateers - Krewe d'Cinéma

    The heat is on!

  • TBC by GumboMonster

    An ex convict gets more than he bargained for when answering an ad with an eccentric documentary filmmaker

  • The Vanishing by Cinematic Equity

    In an apacolyptic universe, you never stop looking for the one you miss the most.

  • The Ballad of Rose Mae by Fagan Films

    In spite of a deadly, ongoing disease, love must find a way.

  • The Battle Hymn of the Revolution by Cuss & Spit Pictures

    Two dystopian mercenaries make one last delivery in aid of the revolution.

  • The Fatalist by Sulliscope Films

    Driven by fate into a dangerous situation, a man must make a choice that could affect whether someone lives or dies.

  • The Game of Spades by Mistletoe St.

    Tasked with stealing biomedical technology, Larry Chetta infiltrates a local college and befriends Evelyn, a college student who unknowingly has the secrets he seeks.

  • The Grim Repo by Take Two

    What if God had a repo man?

  • The plan by ODD FUSION

    Ungrounded fight club bust

  • The Takedown by T.I.P. Productions/B.L.O.W. TV

    The family business is left in the wrong hands and there’s a price to pay.

  • To Be A Hero by Grad Films

    A high school student helps a spy complete his mission.

  • Toad You So by Cut Dat Out Productions

    Find out when 3 old geezers in a bar, lick a Toad

  • What Would You Do? by Extended Film Project

    With no where to turn, a young woman finds herself in a difficult task of fighting off a villain who arrived at her home unexpectedly to murder an unknown suspect.

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