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Hitchcock, Spielberg, Coppola & You!

• In this adrenaline filled competition you have one weekend to make a short film.

• Your film will premiere on the big screen for a live theater audience and be seen by top judges.

• Winners are invited to Filmapalooza - our international film festival

• Top films are screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner.

What Genre Will You Draw?

Your filmmaking weekend begins by drawing two genres from a hat. Pick one to use or combine them both.

Here are a few sample genres for 2019. View the full list.

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How good can a film actually be if you only have 48 hours to make it?

Take a look and see...

Featured 48HFP Films

"Waiting Room" by Dunlap Brothers Nashville, TN 48HFP 2018

"La Guerra Fredda" by ZERO Rome, IT 48HFP 2018

"Masterclass" by Team Tonger Leeuwarden, NL 48HFP 2018

Latest News

OC Music CO Providing FREE Music For Filmmakers On Our U.S. 48HFP Tour

Every great film needs a great soundtrack, and that's why the 48 Hour Film Project has partnered up with OC Music CO to bring FREE royalty free music to all of the filmmakers participating in our U.S. Tour. OC Music CO, a Cleveland based royalty free music company, was founded by twin brothers Eric and Steve O'Connell. Both award-winning composers and previous 48HFP participants (they're not only composers, but are both actors as well), they founded their company on the beli... read more

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