Judging Criteria Dự án Phim hoạt hình 48x2

In the past our panels of judges have included film critics, producers, actors, and other filmmakers.

Considerations For Best Film

  • Artistic Merit (story, creativity, entertainment, etc.) - 45%
  • Technical Merit - 30%
  • Adherence to the Assignment - 25%

Audience Award

All films, on-time and late, are eligible for the Audience Award, which is determined by an online audience vote.

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Prizes Dự án Phim hoạt hình 48x2

The winner of Best 48x2 Animated Film of 2022 receives:

  • A screening at Filmapalooza 2023, the official 48HFP Awards Weekend
  • A screening at the 48HFP's annual showcase at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

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