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48HFP projects take place around the world on weekends between March and November.

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Current Registrations

Register your team by finding your city below - either under Open Registrations or Registration Opening Soon!  Click on the city name to find out more info about your event.

If you don't see your city, check out our full list of Diğer 48 HFP Şehirleri.  And if you are not near one of our 48HFP cities, check out the Four Points Film Project!

Multiple Cities Allowed

Filmmakers are permitted to participate in more than one city during the year - just be sure to plan adequate recovery time between projects.

Diğer 48 HFP Şehirleri

Helpful Emails

Starting about a month prior to the competition weekend, registered team leaders will be sent a series of emails with tips for a successful 48HFP.

48HFP Website

Visit our website to watch films and to find useful information that you'll need.

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