Around the World Nisan 14 - 18, 2021

The 48x2 Animation Project

Are you an animator or always wanted to try animating. The 48 Hour Film Project has a competition specifically for you. You will have 4 days (from Nisan 14 - 18, 2021) to create an animated short film. All types of animation are acceptable (including live action composited with animation).

  • 2D and 3D
  • Clay-mation
  • Stop Motion
  • Machinima

More Information

Just like the regular 48HFP, you will receive your assignment (electronically): a genre, a character, a prop and a line of dialogue. Your team will have 4 days to create a 2 - 5 minute animated film.

Out of utmost caution during these difficult pandemic times, your team is limited to those people you live with and/or anyone you partner with remotely. Health and safety is paramount.

Film Türü Zorunlu Öğeler SSS

Kayıt Ücreti

  • Erken Kayıt: $70 USD/Her Bir Ekip İçin Cuma, Mart 26 tarihinde biter
  • Normal: $85 USD/Her Bir Ekip İçin Çarşamba, Nisan 7 tarihinde biter
  • Geç: $95 USD/Her Bir Ekip İçin Perşembe, Nisan 15 tarihinde biter
Şimdi Kayıt Yaptırın!

Açılış Etkinliği

Çarşamba, Nisan 14, 2021 @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Kapanış Etkinliği

Pazar, Nisan 18, 2021
7:30pm'a kadar, bir dakika sonrası olmaz!

Zorunlu Araçlar

  • Video Codeci: H.264
  • Dosya Türü: MPEG 4 (.mp4) (preferred), MPEG 4 (.m4v), Quicktime (.mov)
  • Çözünürlük: HD 1080 (1920x1080) (preferred)
  • Görüntü Boyutu: Widescreen (16:9) (preferred)
  • Piksel Oranı: Square (1:1) (preferred)
  • Saniyelik Görüntü Sayısı: 24 FPS (preferred), 24 FPS (23.976), 25 FPS, 30 FPS (29.97)
  • Geçmeli Tarama: Progressive / NON-Interlaced
  • Ses Codeci: AAC (.aac), WAV (.wav), MPEG4 (.mp4)
  • Maksimum Dosya Boyutu: 2.0GB (preferred)

Online Submission.

Participating Teams

Here are some of the teams around the world that will be making a short film for the 48x2 Animation Project.

  • Actors with Strings Mark McKinney
  • Ashbrook Eric Ashbrook
  • Destination Weird Shawn McConaghy
  • Film Vandals Kaitlin Larson
  • O-Studios David O'Gara
  • Perfect Time To Panic Productions Gary "Steve" Kennedy

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