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Working with SAG-AFTRA Members

The 48 Hour Film Project is proud to partner with the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists once again to allow filmmakers to use SAG-AFTRA members in their films.

NOTE: Due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic, you must take every precaution to ensure the safety of your cast and crew.

Team Leader must read and familiarize himself/herself/itself with the Safe Sets information.

IMPORTANT: Electronic Signatures are not accepted for SAG-AFTRA paperwork.

When deciding whether to use SAG-AFTRA members in your film, please note that your distribution options will be more limited. For any use beyond the uses granted to the 48HFP, you will need to negotiate directly with SAG-AFTRA.

For example, if you wish to submit your film to a festival, no negotiation is needed. If, however, you wish to put your film up on a third party website (e.g., YouTube, etc.) you must contact SAG-AFTRA and you will be required to pay each SAG-AFTRA performer in your film $125 plus tax/health contributions.

If you opt to use SAG-AFTRA members on your team, there is additional paperwork to submit. These documents must be mailed to the 48HFP offices immediately after you have completed your 48 weekend. Please mail to:

48 HourFilm Project
PO Box 40008
Washington, DC 20016

IMPORTANT: The SAG-AFTRA waiver applies only to competitions in the US.

New To The 48?

When & How to Submit 48 Hour Film Project

All SAG-AFTRA documents must be mailed to the 48 Hour Film Project main office.

Team Leader is responsible for mailing all SAG/AFTRA documents to:

48 HourFilm Project

PO Box 40008

Washington, DC 20016

Paperwork Not Finalized

We're still putting the finishing touches on the official documents for The 48 Hour Film Project 2023. They will be available soon.

Allowed Uses for Film

SAG-AFTRA permits the 48 Hour Film Project the following uses of films created under this agreement: to screen them theatrically, to include them on DVD compilations, to enter them in festivals and to show them on the 48 Hour Film Project website provided they are not downloadable.

Contacting SAG-AFTRA

In order to request permission from SAG-AFTRA for various uses of your film, please contact SAG-AFTRA directly. If you are in the eastern United States, contact Leif Larson at 212.827.1513 or If you are in the western United States, contact Marisa Leal at 323.549.6039 or; or Joshua Vasquez at 323.549.6007 or

Production Documents

In addition to the SAG-AFTRA documents, all teams must also complete and submit Production Documents. This must be done whether or not the team includes any SAG-AFTRA members.

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Plan Ahead

All creative work must be done during the official filmmaking period; however, you can get some of the tedious paperwork done ahead of time.

Waiver and Release Forms

Get your team members to sign releases ahead of time - then you don't have to worry with it during crunch time.

Note: This form helps protect you, the team leader, as well as the 48HFP.

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