Feature Script Project Competitions

Thank you, Writers!

We've had a tremendous response for the first 48 Hour Feature Script Project. We are no longer taking new submissions.

We are in the process of evaluating all of the entrties and expect to announce the finalists in mid-July.

What is the 48 Hour Feature Script Project?

It is an opportunity for veteran 48HFP filmmakers and writers to be recognized for a great script.

For years, 48 Hour filmmakers have proven their skill and creativity at filmmaking. The 48HFP is seeking to work with our talented filmmakers to go to the next level - create a feature film. As with any film, it all starts with the script.

The goal of the Feature Script Project is to find a script (or scripts) that can be successfully turned into a feature film. The winning script will receive a table-read at Filmapalooza 2020. Of course, writers retain full ownership rights to their scripts.

The 48HFP is partnering with NOBS, an award winning Dutch production company for the inaugural 48HFP Feature Script Project. Our goal is to find and develop a script that is ready for production.

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