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Cleveland 48er Brings Sci-Fi Action Feature To AmazonTuesday, October 27, 2020



Neither the pandemic nor evil corporations are a match for Cleveland filmmaker and 48er Johnny Wu, who is bringing clean air to people all around the world in his sci-fi action feature film Immortal Combat: The Code, now available for sale or rent on Amazon.

The plot centers on the Five Elements, a mysterious group of traveling monks and keepers of The Code, the key to clean air for the world.  They must defeat the evil corporation, MediCan to save humanity.  See full synopsis below.

Wu and his crew at MDI Films have participated in Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project and Horror Project many times, and their films have always ranked among the audience favorites. Though he has been a filmmaker for many years, Wu credits the 48HFP with helping to hone the skills of everyone on his cast and crew, and also help them work together as a team.

One unique element to Wu's 48 hour films was the rotating crew assignments. In order to cross-train crew members so they could learn all the various aspects of filmmaking, each key crew member worked in a different assignment for each film. So someone might be the director on one film, Director of Photography on another film, and editor on yet another film. By keeping the jobs moving around in this fashion, Wu's crew members have been able to get exposed to filmmaking skills and training they would not be able to get otherwise. The short weekend deadlines of the 48 Hour Film Project were used as very intensive film training sessions.

Wu was also notorious for giving his crew members additional "challenges" beyond just the 48 hour deadline and inclusion of the required elements. In one 48HFP weekend, they were tasked with making their film using only a limited set of LED lights. In others films, they were limited to the use of a certain location. All of these extra challenges have pushed Wu and his team to become more creative and efficient filmmakers--they hold the record in Cleveland for the earliest 48HFP film dropoff, turning in one fully completed film just 24 hours after the Kickoff!

The 48HFP and all of these additional challenges only seem to have helped propel Wu's success in the indie film world. He has numerous films in distribution in addition to Immortal Combat: The Code. One unexpected challenge came this year as Wu and his team were challenged with how to make films during a pandemic. But his years of coming up with creative solutions for the 48HFP have helped him in that respect also. His current project, Wu Lin: The Society actually utilizes masks both off and on camera, as part of the props. He chose to set this film in a future where pollution and viruses are rampant and people need to wear masks indoors as well as outside. This project is currently in production and will serve as a prequel to one of his earlier films.


Watch the trailer for Immortal Combat: The Code


In addition to finding ways to create new films, Wu feels like the pandemic has actually helped with sales of Immortal Combat: The Code, as people around the world have been stuck in their homes while quarantining and in need of good entertainment. Earlier this year, he sent the film's trailer out to several different distributors, who were all interested in picking up his film. Wu eventually struck a deal with High Octane Pictures, an international distributor that has brokered deals in over 100 countries all around the world.

Pandemic or not, there is no slowing down Johnny Wu from making films. Check out his current projects on Facebook at @wulinthemovie or @wuxia2thecode, or his business page

Synopsis: In a future when pollution and radiation have killed off a large part of the world's population, an evil corporation has decided to cash in on clean air. Through the invention of a bio-scanner device implanted into the wrists of the survivors, people now have the ability to scan their body's oxygen levels and filter out the pollutants in the air. The MediCan Research Corporation has sought to use the technology to drive up profits by limiting the supply of clean air, and has enlisted the help of the Four 11 gang to help carry out their nefarious plot.

The world's only hope lies within the Five Elements, a mysterious group of traveling monks dedicated to protecting humanity. They are the protectors of The Code, the key to clean air for all humanity. It was injected into one of their own monks in order to protect it until the technology can be used to save the world. MediCan and the Four 11 gang will stop at nothing to destroy The Code, and an action-packed battle ensues as they pursue the Five Elements. Who will win in this battle for clean air? Watch the film to find out!

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