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Secrets To Writing A Killer 48HFP Screenplay (FREE e-book)Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Screenwriter and author Sharon Y. Cobb has sold a dozen screenplays to Hollywood and published multiple novels. In this free e-book, she breaks down step-by-step everything you'll need to write a killer screenplay for your 48HFP film:

  •  How to write using the people and resources available to you
  • Exactly what you can and cannot do to prepare prior to your 48HFP filmmaking weekend
  • How to write better under the pressure of a deadline
  • The five essential questions you need to answer in order to develop your screenplay
  • The "secret formula" learned from a Universal Studios executive that will help you write the perfect logline
  • How to structure your story and format your script to professional standards
  • How to use your required elements to score extra points with the judges
  • and more!



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