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48HFP's World Film ChallengeWednesday, February 12, 2020



In the early weeks of January when most of the world was still ushering in the new year, 44 teams of filmmakers scattered all around the globe were quietly preparing to create their short films for the 48HFP's newest competition--a battle of award-winning filmmakers competing in what can only be described as a filmmaker "cage match", that pits filmmaking gladiators against gladiators--the World Film Challenge.

This was a select filmmaking invitational where the top 48HFP filmmakers from around the world compete for a cash prize and a screening at Filmapalooza and the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner!

Earlier this year, the 48 Hour Film Project kicked off the first ever World Film Challenge (WFC) in a soft launch that took place from January 10th - 12th. The WFC was open to a select group of filmmakers-- the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in every city that took place in our 2019 48HFP filmmaking tour. These teams made their films with the traditional character, prop, and line of dialogue, with the addition of using an optional theme of "Help a Stranger." Each team was randomly assigned two of our standard film genres and (like the regular 48HFP) had the weekend to choose which one to use as their official WFC genre. And because the competition was open to filmmakers from all around the world, there was a virtual Kickoff and Dropoff where teams had to upload their films by Sunday evening in order to be eligible for awards.

And the awards were enviable--besides global bragging rights, 15 of the films were selected to screen at this year's Filmapalooza in Rotterdam, and from there, eight of the top WFC films will represent the 48HFP in our SECOND screening at this year's Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, in a special screening event featuring only the top films from the World Film Challenge! One film will also be announced at Filmapalooza as the Best Film winner of the WFC, which comes with a $2500 cash prize.

So congratulations to all of the WFC teams and especial the 15 WFC teams below that have been chosen by the judges to screen at Filmapalooza. Thanks to all of the competing filmmakers in helping us kick off the 48HFP's inaugural World Film Challenge!

 “Causam Adelaid” Long live the Keanu Reeves revival - Adelaide
“No Ringo” GOAT - Atlanta
“How to meet a girl” SHRUG Productions - Baltimore
“Until Death do Us Part” Stubenraucher - Berlin
“Piedra Libre” La Cooperativa Audiovisual - Cordoba
“Resolutions” Stranger Studios - Denver
“705” 52 Scripts - Detroit
"Schmidty Vacation” Stoney Pointe Productions - Duluth
“Kinder surprise” Spritelight Pictures - Edinburgh
“Fish 1” The Shredders - Hampton Roads
“Private Sessions” Total RunTime - Los Angeles
“Stories” Habitude - Madrid
“Well Look Who It Is” Expert Friends - Portland
“The Heretic” Electric Dinosaur Films - Prague
“Psique” Cactus Films - Punta del Este 

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