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Announcing The New 48HFP Feature Script Project!Friday, April 26, 2019


Calling all Writers! The Feature Script Project is Here!

The 48HFP is seeking to work with veteran 48HFP filmmakers and writers to develop a script for production.

For years, 48 Hour filmmakers have proven their skill and creativity at filmmaking. We are seeking to work with our talented filmmakers to go to the next level--create a feature film. As with any film, it all starts with the script. We’re excited to announce the 48HFP Feature Script Project. The goal is to find a script (or scripts) that can be successfully turned into a feature film.

The Script Project is open to all 48 Hour Filmmakers--whether you have a completed script or simply a great idea. Part of the evaluation will be on your writing ability with the ultimate goal to have a completed script by the end of the summer.

The 48HFP is partnering with NOBS, an award winning Dutch production company, to launch the 48HFP Feature Script Project. Our goal is to find and develop a script that is ready for production.

The competition will take place in three phases, the first of which is the pitch. In the initial phase, the most important thing we're looking for is a short summary of what the script is about. Think of how you would explain your film idea to a movie studio or producer that you were pitching to produce your script--that's what we're looking for.

clapper-laptop-stock-photoIn addition to that, we're asking for 5-10 sample pages of the script. It could be a single scene or more, it doesn't really matter. What we're looking for here is a sense of the dialogue and relationship between the characters that you've created. It should be something that would give us a "flavor" for what the rest of the script would be like.

A panel of judges will be reading all of the submissions and judging them based on a combination of creativity and story, produce-ability, and how well you adhered to the guidelines we've given you in the rules. What do we mean by "produce-ability"? If you’ve got a great script but it can only be done for $5M, it will not score well in produce-ability. If the subject or genre of your film is too limited in its appeal, your submission will not score well in produce-ability. Remember--our goal is to get the script made into a film.

The judges will narrow down the submissions to the top 3-5 finalists by July 15th. In Phase Two of the competition, finalists will be tasked with completing a feature length script--80-100 pages. Over the course of three months, 48HFP producing partners and industry experts will provide feedback and guidance in developing the script. Each of the finalists who submits a completed screenplay will receive an equal share of the prize pool--$1500 this year.

In addition, the finalists will retain full ownership rights of their scripts after the competition has ended--meaning they can produce the film themselves, sell the rights of the script to a studio, or do anything they want with it once the competition is over. We want to use the 48HFP Feature Script Project as a launching ground for getting new, produce-able script ideas turned into finished films. The hope is that this will inspire a new generation of independent screenwriters, much like the 48HFP has inspired a generation of independent filmmakers from all around the world.

In the final phase of the competition, our judges will review the completed screenplays and select a winner based on the same initial criteria. The winner of the inaugural 48HFP Feature Script Project will receive two passes to attend next year's Filmapalooza in Rotterdam, where they will be presented their 'Best Feature Script Award' during our annual Filmapalooza Awards gala which is always a red carpet, high energy, fun event! In addition, the script will receive a partial table read at Filmapalooza, and shared with successful feature film producers, with the whole goal of getting the winning script turned into a real feature film!

Anyone who has participated in the making of a 48HFP film is eligible to enter. There is a $15 registration fee which is paid when submitting your initial synopsis and 5-10 pages of your script.

The deadline to enter this first ever competition is June 15th, 2019.

To read over all of the rules and submission guidelines and submit your entry now, go to

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