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Two New Tools To Build Your 48HFP Team And Film Network--The Join A Team Forums And The 48 Creative DirectoryFriday, April 12, 2019


A big part of making it in the film industry is who you know, right?

Well there's almost nothing that can build your network faster than participating in a 48 Hour Film Project.

Not only will you get to meet tons of talented filmmakers, actors, crew, musicians, and creatives in your city's film industry, but because the 48HFP takes place in well over 100 cities across the globe, all of them with vibrant independent film communities of their own, participating in the 48HFP automatically puts you in this international network of filmmakers.

We LOVE networking here at the 48HFP. And we know how important it is to advancing the careers of our filmmakers and 48HFP participants. So to help you connect with others in the film community both in your city and around the world, we are rolling out two great new tools to help you build your network--the new Join A Team Forums and the 48 Creative Directory!




Join A Team Forums

We created a forum for you to connect with prospective 48HFP teams or to find members for your own team at Anyone can sign up using just an email address and a password that you choose. Simply find your city in the list of forums, then Add A New Topic to post your cast & crew call or let people know that you're looking for a team.

There is a forum for each of our 48HFP cities, and your city's forum is the best place to connect with other people looking for a team or looking for team members. Once 48HFP registration opens in your city, you can easily locate your city's forum by pressing the yellow 'Find Team/Team Members' button on your city's 48HFP page. Outside of the registration period, you can always access your city's forum by finding it on the listing of city forums at


Sign up for the Join A Team forum here




48 Creative Directory

Once you've participated in a 48 Hour Film Project, you're eligible to join our new 48 Creative Directory. The Creative Directory is exclusively for 48HFP participants to be able to showcase their own work and connect with other 48'ers around the world. You can post your demo reel, headshots & resume, link to your social media & website, and message other Creative Directory members. All members become part of a searchable database that you can use to connect with filmmakers, actors, musicians, and crew that have participated in the 48HFP all around the world.

If you've participated in the 48HFP previously, you can register for free at We'll ask for some basic contact info, along with information about any 48HFP film that you were involved with. You may also add in other information about your previous experience, social media channels, or personal or company website, or you can add those to your profile at any time in the future.

The Creative Directory is a great way to connect with other 48'ers around the world, and network with them to work on future 48HFP films or other projects.


Learn more and sign up at


Networking is a great way to find people for your next 48HFP film or other film or TV project. We hope these tools will allow you to connect with other 48'ers and create some awesome films together!

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