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Alumni Achievements: 48HFP'er Explores Parallel Universes In Feature "Other Versions Of You"Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Award-winning 48HFP filmmaker Motke Dapp is creating a love story that crosses parallel universes in his feature film Other Versions of You.

In the film, a man's love drives him to do the impossible. After the girl he loves gets married, he explores parallel universes to find another version of this girl who will love him back. The film makes use of the "many worlds theory", which states that every major decision we make creates a fork in the road, or separate "world" based on the decision we make. Each of these worlds exist independently of each other. So in one of these worlds, the girl doesn't get married and loves him back, and this is what the main character of the film has set off to find.

motke-_making_photosDapp is currently in post-production with the film and is working hard to get everything wrapped up. A lot of the details of the film are still hush-hush as he works to land a distribution deal.

This isn't Dapp's first foray into feature film making. He learned a lot from creating his first feature, the 2012 film The Many Monsters of Sadness. "We made that film on basically no budget," Dapp said. " We made so many mistakes. One of the biggest things we learned was to allow for way more time of preproduction, and that helped a bunch. But I continue to learn from every shoot."

Outside of his feature film work, Dapp has worked on plenty of commercials, and is certainly no stranger to the 48HFP. He and his team have landed the Best Film award in the Nashville 48HFP four times, were Runners-Up once, and also won the Cincinnati 48HFP in 2016. For Dapp, the 48HFP has been instrumental in launching his career as a filmmaker. 

"I've learned a ton from my experiences with the 48HFP. I started my career because of it. Every time I do a 48HFP, I try to push myself in new ways. I also try to work with different crews and actors as much as I can. It's a great way to have a burst of creativity and try out new things. There are many applications - time management, working efficiently, using what you have, improvisation, and so many other things."

For updates on Other Versions of You, visit their website. Learn more about Motke Dapp and his work at


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