"I Wish You Were Real" by Manos Brothers 클리블랜드, OH US-VIRTUAL 2020

A man searches for confidence in an ailing marriage.

Local Awards
  • Best Film 1st Place
  • 최우수 감독
  • 최우수 남배우 Sean Manos
  • 최우수 소품활용
  • 최우수 시나리오 Sean Manos
  • 최우수 악보 Eli Manos
  • 최우수 편집

2020 Films

From the more than 5,000 film submissions, our panel of international judges has selected these films as the Best of 2020. Take a look and be inspired.

LIMBO 보고타, CO 48HFP 2020

A Minha Vez 카스텔루브랑쿠, PT 48HFP 2020

À VIDA! 리스본, PT 48HFP 2020

Dirty kitchen for beautiful cakes 전세계 ANIMATION 2020

魂の場所 오사카, JP 48HFP 2020

Scriptum 인디애나폴리스, IN 48HFP 2020

A Walk in the Park Scotland 48HFP 2020

Chemical Bonds 애틀란틱, GA 48HFP 2020

Miserere 프라하, CZ 48HFP 2020

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