Paperwork 48 Hour Global Film Challenge

Pendant le week-end de compétition vous devez remplir les documents de production !

Les documents de production sont obligatoires, pour des raisons juridiques !

Les règles Normes juridiques Questions fréquentes

When to Submit 48 Hour Global Film Challenge

Several days before the competition weekend, you will receive an e-mail describing how to upload your film and your paperwork.

The Team Leader's Agreement must be emailed to by 11:59pm, Thursday, June 4th. Remaining paperwork should be uploaded with your film on Sunday.  Films are not eligible for competition until all of their paperwork has been uploaded. Details of how to upload your film and paperwork will be emailed to registered team leaders.

Team Leader's Agreement 1 per team, due at Kickoff

The Team Leader must sign this form to indicate agreement to the Project's rules and requirements. This form must be submitted prior to filmmaking as indicated above.

Wrap Up Form 1 per team, submit Online

We want to know the details—what happened during your wild weekend of moviemaking?

Team Roster 1 per team, due at Dropoff

Tells us who is on your team, their job, and their e-mail address.

Certification Statement 1 per team, due at Dropoff

The Team Leader must sign this form to certify that all creative work took place during the Official Competition Period.

Waiver and Release Form 1 per cast/crew, due at Dropoff

This is a combined Talent Release and Liability Waiver Form, meaning there's one less form you have to keep track of.

  • All cast and crew must sign.
  • Each team member must sign a separate form.
  • Remember, this form helps protect you, the team leader, as well as the Project.

Music Release Form 1 per song/artist, due at Dropoff

This form is used for music. Every song in your film must have a music release form.

Materials Release Form 1 per item/creator, due at Dropoff

This form is used for sound effects, photographs, stock footage as part of a post-production effect (including relevant video filters) and other materials.

Location Release Form 1 per location, due at Dropoff

This form is used for location releases.

Safety Instructions Nothing to submit, for your information only

You should always follow safety protocols while making a 48 hour film. It's especially important now with the coronavirus pandemic.

Submission Instructions Nothing to submit, for your information only

This includes specifications for your film and instructions on uploading it.

Checklist équipe Les documents


Tout le travail créatif doit impérativement être fait pendant les 48 heures, cependant vous pouvez commencer à préparer les documents de production en amont.

Autorisations des membres de l'équipe

Vous pouvez faire signer les autorisations en amont par les membres de votre équipe pour ne pas perdre de temps.

Les autorisations protègent le chef d'équipe ainsi que le 48HFP.


Vous devez impérativement avoir l'autorisation du compositeur pour utiliser sa création dans l'un de vos films.

Creative Commons

Vous pouvez utiliser des musiques licence CC.


Nous vous conseillons en amont de faire des repérages pour vos lieux de tournage.

Autorisation de tournage lieux

Le 48HFP n'exige pas que vous obteniez des autorisations de tournage pour l'intégralité de vos lieux, cependant certains lieux en exigent ! Soyez vigilant.

These documents are strictly to be used for films made for the 48 Hour Film Project.

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