Ces règles s'appliquent à l'ensemble des participants.

Assurez vous de bien lire toutes les règles avant de participer.

Les organisateurs peuvent être amenés en cas de force majeur à modifier les règles

A. Times

The 48x2 Animation Project (ANIMATION) will occur World-Wide the weekend of [project:label-weekend]. It is organized by the 48 Hour Film Project, Inc. (48HFP).

The 48x2 Animation Project competition period begins [project:filming-starts-date] at [project:filming-starts-time] and ends on [project:filming-stops-date] at [project:filming-stops-time]. All times are referenced to each participant’s local time zone. This is the Official Time Period.

The participating group/team must complete its film/video work in time to submit their film online by the end of the competition period. Team leaders will be emailed upload instructions.

B. Création

L'intégralité de la création doit avoir lieu dans la période officielle.

  • Scénario
  • Organisation
  • Costume/Decors
  • Tournage
  • Montage
  • Conception du son
  • Rendu
  • Export sur les supports (nous n'acceptons pas les ordinateurs et les films non-rendus)

C. Preparation

The only work to begin prior to the Official Time Period is:

  • Organizing Crew
  • Organizing Cast
  • Securing Equipment

D. Footage

All footage must be shot within the Official Time Period of the project.

Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the Official Time Period.

No stock footage or footage shot or created at another time may be used unless the footage is part of a post-production effect or on a background monitor, i.e., a television, as long as the team has rights to the stock footage and the stock footage is placed over or under footage that is shot within the Official Time Period. Allowable stock footage includes bullets, fires, explosions, chromakeyed backgrounds, etc., but stock footage of people or other performers is not allowed.

Pre-made sequences or compositions that are available to all via purchase or download are permitted if a majority of frames contain content (e.g., text or images) created within the Official Time Period. The pre-made portion of the sequence may not include people or other performers.

Still photographs are permitted, provided that the team has the rights to them. The photos do not need to be created during the Official Time Period; however, stills created outside of the Official Time Period may not be used in sequence to create the illusion of motion.

Permissible stock footage, permissible pre-made sequences, and still photographs must all be accompanied by a Materials Release demonstrating that the team has rights to use them.

E. Kickoff Event

To be officially eligible for competition:

  • The Team Leader must e-mail to the ANIMATION organizers a completed copy of the Team Leaders Agreement before the Kickoff Event. A team may not participate without submitting this agreement.
  • Each eligible team will then receive a Kickoff e-mail at 7:00pm their local time on [project:filming-starts-date]. The Kickoff e-mail will contain two genres from which to choose. Teams may choose either genre for their film. In addition, the line of dialog, character, and prop (required elements) will also be in the Kickoff e-mail.
  • Each team’s film must be in one of the two genres and all of required elements must be included for the film to be eligible for competition.

F. Eléments imposés

 Chaque équipe doit faire apparaitre les éléments imposés dans son film.

  • La ligne de dialogue, le personnage et l'accessoire.
  • Le personnage : Il doit être clairement identifié (nom + identité). La ligne de dialogue doit être utilisée mot pour mot !
  • Elle peut être parlée, chantée ou écrite.
  • Chaque équipe doit respecter le genre de son film ainsi que les éléments imposés afin d'être en compétition.

G. Volunteers

All cast and crew must be volunteers.

Out of utmost caution during these difficult pandemic times, your team is limited to those people you live with and/or anyone you partner with remotely. Health and safety are paramount.

H. Nombre de caméras

Il n'y'a pas de limite de nombre de caméras

I. Droits des musiques

Nous vous conseillons de travailler avec un compositeur ou musiciens pour les musiques de vos films. Ce pendant nous autorisons l'utilisation de toutes musiques dont vous disposez des droits.

Attention à la loi des droits d'auteurs ! Vous n'avez pas le droit de chanter, siffler… une musique dont vous n'avez pas les droits.

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J. Durée du film

Le film doit être compris entre 4 minutes minimum et 7 minutes maximum (hors générique). Le générique ne doit pas dépasser 1 minutes.

K. Génériques


Avant le film :

5 secondes de noir puis un carton avec : Le nom de l'équipe, le nom du film, le genre, la date et ville de compétition. Puis un carton :  "Film réalisé dans le cadre du 48 Hour Film Project :
Faire un Film en 48h + nom de la ville + année" puis 2 secondes de noir avant le début du film.

Générique de fin

Le générique de fin ne doit pas dépasser les 60 secondes. Un film peut durée 7 minutes + 1 minutes de générique soit 8 minutes maximum au total.

La fin du générique doit se terminer par: Ce film a été réalisé lors du 48x2 Animation Project 2023. www.48hourfilm.com/animation

Pour toute projection en ligne ou en salle le film doit garder les cartons de début et de fin.

L. Required Media Formats

If your film does not conform to the submission requirements listed below, it may be disqualified. Also, if your film cannot be viewed on ANIMATION equipment, it may be disqualified.

The maximum accepted file size is 2GB.

Your film must be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • Preferred: H.264 encoded .mp4
  • Alternate formats: self-contained Quicktime .MOV or Windows .AVI (no proprietary codecs)

M. Submission Notes

  • The Team Leader for each registered team will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to properly submit their film. It is the responsibility of the Team Leader to ensure submission information is passed along to the team member(s) who will be performing the upload.
  • Films are submitted by uploading them to an online location.
  • We recommend that you make sound levels relatively even throughout your film.
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N. Production Documents

Each team must secure releases for talent, crew, music and locations (and any other applicable releases), which must be turned in to the project organizers with the finished film/video. The film/video will not be eligible for competition before the 48x2 Animation Project Organizers receive the signed releases.
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O. Déclaration

Chaque équipe doit nous remettre la déclaration signé.

P. Eligibilité

Afin que le film soit éligible, il doit respecter les règles de droit : Pas de film obscène ou indécent, pornographique, scatophiles, pas de déclarations diffamatoires (sur une personne, une entreprise…). Si un film ne respecte pas l'une de ces règles, il sera éliminé ! Et ne pourra pas être projeté au cinéma.

Q. Official Film Entry

To be certified as an Official Film Entry, each participating group's film/video production must follow all rules herein. The 48x2 Animation Project Organizers reserve the right to make available to the judges and for online Audience Choice voting only certified Official Film Entries.

R. Retour des documents

Les documents papiers ne sont pas restitués.

S. Disqualification

48HFP and Project Parties may, in their sole discretion, disqualify Entries deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.

All participating teams (team leaders, team members and team fans) must adhere to all rules regarding filmmaking competition and online Audience Award voting.

T. Official Winner

All certified "Official Film Entries" are eligible to compete for the title of "Best Film" of the 48x2 Animation Project.

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