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Alumni Achievements: Denver 48'er Nabs Distribution Deal On ShortsTVTuesday, November 26, 2019



Denver filmmaker, 48'er, and six time Emmy winner Scott Takeda has successfully gotten distribution for not one, but two of his 48HFP films on the world's largest catalogue of high quality short movies and series, ShortsTV.

The multi-year deal included distribution for his 2014 film "If Not Now" and 2015 film "The Decision", both of which Takeda produced for the Denver 48 Hour Film Project. “This is big news to get not just one short film picked up but two,” said Takeda. “We put a lot of time into crafting character-based films with stories that are personal to us, so we’re very excited that our films will have the chance to be seen by millions of viewers around the world."

An added benefit was to have the films associated with the official producer of the Oscar nominated short films. ShortsTV distributes their enormous collection of professionally produced short films online through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video. They also produce the annual Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical release, bringing the world’s top awarded short movies to the big screen. And their TV channel is the first 24/7 HD channel dedicated to short movies, now available in over 100 million homes around the world. The ShortsTV distribution deal has brought Takeda's films to a much wider global audience than he probably would have been able to achieve on his own.

Takeda is now turning his attention towards producing his first feature film, which he believes is only possible because of his experience with the 48HFP. He goes on to explain the process in which he and his production team increased the scope and budget of their projects, starting with shorter, low budget films produced for the 48HFP, and moving up to much larger, longer short films with six figure budgets:



People: Scott Takeda
Photo by Nicholas Hunt -                      © Getty Images 2018

As we’ve moved on from the 48HFP, we’ve incrementally told more complex stories, added more valuable team members, dipped our toes deeper into the fundraising world, and learned more about visual storytelling as an indie filmmaker. For example, our 48HFP films were about 7 minutes with one shoot day with 6-12 cast and crew. Then we produced our first non-48, doubling the length (15 minutes) doubling the shoot days, and increasing our team to 24. For our latest short, we increased the length a little more than 2x to 35 minutes, and worked with a 10-day shoot schedule over 11 months, and our cast and crew is now about 50. We also ran our production like a business, forming a company, finding a funder for the film, hiring a line producer to keep our budget, paid our creative team, and even hired a publicist.




Watch Takeda's film "If Not Now" by BS Filmworks (Denver 48HFP, 2014)


Takeda says that he's feeling pretty confident as they move into planning their first feature. "Now all we have to do is add more story and shoot days, find a few key team members, and increase the budget from six-figures to seven. Daunting, but doable."

Even though it's been a couple of years since he's competed, Takeda is still a huge supporter of the 48HFP. He competed in the Albuquerque 48HFP two out of the past four years because he happened to be in town during the filmmaking weekend, and has attended the 'Best Of' screenings in both Denver and Albuquerque whenever his schedule has allowed. He also had a taste of seeing another side of the 48HFP experience as a judge for the 2017 Denver 48HFP.

To learn more about Takeda, his production company, and upcoming projects, visit http://www.takedaentertainment.com.

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