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Two 48HFP Veterans - More Than 80 Films Between Them!Tuesday, October 1, 2019


It's an amazing feat to make a film in just 48 hours. And it's really amazing when we have filmmakers that participate again and again every year. But it's a truly incredible accomplishment to say that you have almost 40 different 48HFP films under your belt. And filmmakers Indra van 't Hooft and Charly Horst have each pulled it off--Indra just completed her 39th competition, and Charly has a whopping 44 of them under his belt, for over 80 films made between the two of them. That is some very real 48 hour filmmaking magic.

We got in touch with Indra and Charly to get the details on all of the 48's they've racked up over the years--their experiences, what they've learned, and why they keep coming back year after year to be a part of the 48 Hour Film Project.

Both filmmakers are from the Netherlands, and have competed in many of the same cities. Indra participated in Berlin, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Leeuwarden, Cinekid (also in Amsterdam), and the 48 Day Feature Film Project ; Charly has competed in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Leeuwarden, Breda, and has also done one 48 Day Feature Film Project. Both of them work primarily behind the camera--Indra as a producer and director, and Charly as a video editor/colorist. But as you can imagine, they've had to wear many other hats throughout the years as well--Indra has worked in front of the camera as an actress, and Charly has also acted, produced, and directed his films.

The filmmakers have each accumulated a good number of awards throughout the years (too many to list here!), including one Best Film win for each of them--Indra worked as producer on winning film "Huisje Boompje Beestje" (Nijmegen 48HFP, 2017), and Charly was editor for the 2013 Utrecht 48HFP Best Film "Blokje om". They have also both taken home Audience Choice on more than one occasion. Indra received a nomination once for Best Director, which meant a great deal to her. A film that Charly directed won Best Production Design, which was one of his greatest personal accomplishments--"...that was awesome to see your ideas coming to life and the jury appreciating the world you are trying to create."

Their accomplishments with the 48HFP have taken them each to several different Filmapaloozas, and also to Cannes. Indra's trip to Cannes to represent "Huisje Boompje Beestje" was one of the most amazing weeks of her life. "To be there, in that crazy place, seeing all my 48 family there and having a party--I'll never forget that."

"Blokje Om" by Pollos - Utrecht 48HFP, 2013

"Huisje Boompje Beestje" by sixteenhunderdeighty - Nijmegen 48HFP, 2017

So the real question is, why do they keep doing it? After all the films and all of the awards, what is it that keeps them coming back to participate in the 48HFP year after year?

For Charly, competing in the 48HFP started as a way to prove himself as a video editor. He competed in his first 48HFP in Utrecht in 2010, even before he had graduated from university as a video editor. But through the years, the 48HFP also became a platform for him to try new roles on the film set, such as producing and directing. "It also helps me being creative, " he goes on. "I mostly work in a commercial environment so being creative helps me to relax even though it’s in 48 hours and you feel the pressure it’s a good therapy for me to stay creative. And it helps meeting lots of people from all over the world through the 48 Hour Film Project for commercial work and also filmmaking."

For Indra, the 48HFP is where she cut her teeth and really learned filmmaking. "I didn't go to film school, I did 48's", she said. "It's been a major part of my life for so long. Most of my network, my business, my skills, my friends, and some of the best times of my life, I owe to the 48HFP. It's in my heart and in my soul. I honestly would not be the person I am today without it."

Being the (obviously) seasoned 48HFP veterans that they are, we asked both Indra and Charly to share some of their best advice with newer filmmakers looking to compete in the 48HFP. Here is what they had to say:

From Indra- Keep it simple. Make a plan and try to stick to it as much as you can. Have your holding and filming location close to each other. Communicate with each other. And agree upon who's in charge of what--too many captains on a ship will sink it. But, most of all: have fun, experiment and enjoy the ride.

From Charly- The most important advice I can give is have fun and be proud of your work. When you do that you always win. You can’t always get a prize or get nominated because there are a lot of teams competing but the experience and memories you gain from your projects will be the greatest gift of all.

How many 48's have YOU competed in?

Whether it's your first, your 40th, or anywhere in between. Let us know here.

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