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Alumni Achievements: 48HFPer's Feature Film Wins Big At Cindependent Film FestivalWednesday, September 12, 2018


Motke Dapp and Ryan Hartsock during the Cindependent awards brunch

We've written about Nashville 48HFP filmmaker Motke Dapp before. Well, Dapp is making headlines again--his feature film Other Versions of You won Best Feature Film and Dapp snagged the Best Director of a Feature Film award at the inaugural Cindependent Film Festival in Cincinnati.

The film tells the story of a man who crosses parallel universes to find true love. After the girl he loves gets married, he seeks out an alternate version of her that isn't married and will love him back. The unique story makes use of the "many worlds theory" which states that every major decision we make creates a fork in the road, or separate "world", based on that decision.

CFF-37Cindependent was happy to be able to showcase such an inimitable film. "Other Versions of You is beautifully imaginative," said festival Creative Director/Founder Allyson West. "It's impressive that Motke was able to take such a big story and technically manage it the length of a feature film. His technical ability is undetectable; something I'm certain can be attributed to the number of 48HFP films he's cranked out over the years."

Dapp is a long time participant in the 48HFP, having won the Best Film Award in Nashville four different times, and once in Cincinnati. We're proud to have him as one of our 48HFP alumni!

For more information on Other Versions of You, visit their website. For more information about the festival, visit https://www.cindependentfilmfest.org.

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