Washington, District of Columbia April 29 - May 1, 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Crash of Rhinos for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film Rabbit Hole will go on to represent Washington against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

Rabbit Hole by Crash of Rhinos

2nd Place: Best Film of 2016

The Goodfather by The Big Honkin'

3rd Place: Best Film of 2016

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October 7 - 9, 2016

Audience Favorite: Group A

Bruce v. Clark by Speed Sloth Productions

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Goodfather by The Big Honkin'

Audience Favorite: Group C

Great Day to Be a T.A. by Unknown Penguin

Audience Favorite: Group D

Running Late by Mad Dragon Productions

Audience Favorite: Group E

Nature Planet by GuyLoki Films

Best Writing

Honorable Mention
The Goodfather by The Big Honkin'

Best Editing

Rabbit Hole by Crash of Rhinos

Best Directing

The Goodfather by The Big Honkin'

Best Cinematography

The Goodfather by The Big Honkin'

Honorable Mention
Rabbit Hole by Crash of Rhinos

Best Sound Design

Rabbit Hole by Crash of Rhinos

Best Song

"She Didn't Tell Me" Two For One by Two Proof Films

Best Actor

Hunter Christy The Goodfather by The Big Honkin'

Best Actress

Jenny Donovan Great Day to Be a T.A. by Unknown Penguin

Honorable Mention
Maggie Wilder Rabbit Hole by Crash of Rhinos

Best Ensemble Acting

Best Graphics

#Blessed by Mirandum Pictures

Best Special Effects

Best Choreography

Great Day to Be a T.A. by Unknown Penguin

Best Costumes

Best Use of Character

Gimme Shelter by NoTime4Pictures

Best Use of Prop

Goup by Odlaw Productions

Best Use of Line

Gimme Shelter by NoTime4Pictures

Best Animation

Nature Planet by GuyLoki Films

Best Libretto

Great Day to Be a T.A. by Unknown Penguin

Best Newcomer

Subject Alpha: The Cephaloid Wars by Assorted Meats and Cheeses

Best Original Score

Gimme Shelter by NoTime4Pictures

2016 Film List

  • #Blessed by Mirandum Pictures

    A man tries to piece together why civilization has collapsed, and he discovers a valuable lesson.

  • A Brush of Justice by Pull Focus Productions

    A woman uses her past pain to silence bullies and empower others to stand up against verbal abuse.

  • A Happy Holiday by SCIO films

    A simple but lovely Valentine's celebration

  • Accompanied by Aura Media Productions

    A young girl struggles with the loss of her creative partner while having an opportunity of a lifetime

  • All's Fair in Love and Wizards War by The H48ful Eight

    A gamer has to choose between his girlfriend and his gamer friends.

  • Anything for Mom by WIFV

    Despite their differences, siblings pull together for mom.

  • Arlow by The social penguin

    A team of special soldiers must decide to help their fellow comrade or complete their mission.

  • Banjo Country by Actors with Strings

    two couples get lost in West Virginia and meet new people?

  • Bearly Legal by Technically Films

    Just those Panda Bear necessities...

  • Bruce v. Clark by Speed Sloth Productions
  • Captain One-Star by Cineronga

    A superhero obsessed with online reviews meets his match

  • Car-Ride-Tae by Shrug Productions

    Two pupils travel to prove their worth to their master.

  • Casting by Out of Focus

    An out of town French woman shows up for a misunderstood interview at a suspicious apartment.

  • Chain of circumstances by Crow Vision

    she didn't tell me

  • CLARK by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.

    You can't leave. We won't let you.

  • Concealed Love by Willow Street Productions

    A young insecure woman finds love underneath the scars.

  • Crossing by SOS

    The metro is a portal to an alternate timeline, where Carmen must confront his mistakes.

  • Deadline by Cinema Murcielago

    Sometimes, a voice on the other line is like music to your ears.

  • Discord by Crowded Elevator Pictures

    Two adult sisters reconnect as a result of their parents' move from their childhood home.

  • Finding Claire by We Have This!

    A boy discovers his missing sister in an likely place.

  • get him back by Pajamanaut

    he had to get him back to get her back

  • Ghost of Parties Past by Miles Kennefick Productions

    He'll help you remember what you've forgotten.

  • Gimme Shelter by NoTime4Pictures

    A washed up rock star rethinks his attempt to run a B&B

  • Goup by Odlaw Productions

    Unaffected by a devastating event, Bernard and Juliette, struggle to hide their lack of empathy.

  • Great Day to Be a T.A. by Unknown Penguin

    Get-up-and-go teaching assistant Tina Tate is stymied by a broken copier.

  • Guber by TwentySumThings

    Guber driver on a quest to freedom

  • Happy Family Vaca! by Laugh Index Theatre (LIT)

    My family is the best!

  • Hidden Talent by Montserrat 2016

    Never judge a book by its cover

  • Honest Bunny by Suburban Video

    Chocolate bunnies aren't the only surprise.

  • I Should Have Told You Sooner by Squabbling Dandies

    Boy meets , girl and boy fall in love, boy wants to spend eternity with girl but she has other plans

  • In Hot Water by Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

    It's About Compromise

  • Last Will by Dniym Productions

    A deceptively endearing nurse seeks to inherit the estate of her dying patient.

  • Lay Low Brother by MFI

    What to do when the "man" comes for you!

  • Love Is Brewing by Mulmondi Films

    Coffee shop owner overcomes clumsy baristas and angry customers to find true love.

  • Mompire by Rice and beans Productions

    Soccer mom needs to feed her children

  • Nature Planet by GuyLoki Films

    An animated tour of world wildlife

  • Nobody Plays Piano by Gonzaga Association of Social Pretenders (GASP)

    A pianist seeks to find a romantic partner who is as passionate about music as she is.

  • not compatible by Sixteen Candles

    Two people try a new form of dating and find their compatibility issues may have more to do with the

  • Once Upon A Bedroom by Star Wipe Films

    A couple arrives home from vacation to find a princess asleep in their bed.

  • Once Upon a Time in SW, DC by Fly By Night Films

    Woman returns to her family's home and discovers a changed landscape.

  • Passenger by Stage Left Studios

    A young detective and his wife discover danger is closer than they imagine.

  • Perfect for Momma by This Way Theatrical Films

    Who Got the Best Gift?

  • perfect peace by F.O.K.T.

    A mystery of love and revenge

  • Pillow Boyfriend by The Quest Films

    If you can't catch a guy, build one.

  • Precious Things by Banana Reel Entertainment

    A deranged doll maker begins experiments on human subjects.

  • Rabbit Hole by Crash of Rhinos

    A brother goes in search of the truth 15 years after the disappearance of his sister.

  • Rainbow Land by Antidisestablishmentarianism Productions
  • Running Late by Mad Dragon Productions
  • Shoe-in by Sistine Robot

    Chase the Rainbow

  • Slash Run by 57 RONIN

    Renegade musician traps single male bar patrons for cannibal dive bar.

  • Song Without A Voice by Electric Manatee Pictures

    What good is a song imprisoned in the heart?

  • Stella Blanchard, 32, Wife and Mother of Two by Dupont Circle Pictures

    What form will your salvation take?

  • Subject Alpha: The Cephaloid Wars by Assorted Meats and Cheeses

    A final offensive against alien invaders is foiled by a clueless boyfriend.

  • Supa Savage by Day Off Films

    The last super hero

  • The Adventures of the Dandy Boys by Singing Steaks

    Two brothers search for an ancient relic

  • The Company Man by Taco Briefcase

    Don't go against the system

  • The Devil Plays Recorder by Tryka Film Coalition-A

    At an audition, a musician discovers a magical instrument and uses it to take out the competition.

  • The Finest Five by Mapleway

    A Painter Joins a Crime Fighting Art Collective

  • The God App by Kingdom Glory Works

    Which one will you choose

  • The Goodfather by The Big Honkin'

    A mob enforcer must take his child to work for the day

  • The Inheritance by Tunnel Rat productions

    As an elderly wealthy man starts having health issues, his family squabbles over the inheritance.

  • The Last Breakfast by Plan R Films

    No more going through the motions.

  • The little colt by The summer berets

    two parents with opposing views struggle to raise their son who questions his religious belief

  • The Rejectables by DC Stunt Coalition

    Left without any choice, a group of not-so-elite agents must stop an evil mastermind's ninja army.

  • The Story of Claire by Mental Props

    A Day of Job Coaching

  • The Usual by 2017 DC 48 Hour Film Project Champions

    Two men (and a fish) rage against the usual.

  • The Wingman by Discordian Films

    A Wingman to Die For

  • Time Ex by 106 Productions

    Clark gets an untimely visit from an ex

  • Truth Be Told by Running Caterpillar

    Two friends discover a curious book in the woods.

  • Two For One by Two Proof Films

    Discount-hunting exec enlists an intern to take advantage of couples-only deals, and sparks fly.

  • Vinyl Call by Team Red

    Two private investigators are assigned a super natural case they aren't ready for.

  • Wild North West by Revenant Bears

    A showdown between the good, the bad, and the landlady.

  • Winston by Tohubohu Productions

    A dog-sitter discovers that her canine charge, Winston, is not what she was led to believe.

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