Washington, District of Columbia May 1 - 3, 2015

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to The Big Honkin' for winning Best Film of 2015. Their film Gender Bender will go on to represent Washington against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2016.

1st Place: Best Film of 2015

Gender Bender by The Big Honkin'

2nd Place: Best Film of 2015

Twelve O'Clock by Unknown Penguin

3rd Place: Best Film of 2015

The Arsonist by Mirandum Pictures

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September 25 - 27, 2015

Audience Favorite: Group B

The Call by Tunnel Rat Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

For the Love of Pete by WIFV

Audience Favorite: Group D

Gender Bender by The Big Honkin'

Audience Favorite: Group E

Lactose Tolerance by The Worthy Brothers

Audience Favorite: Group F

A Weird Thing To Do by The Quest

Best Writing

Twelve O'Clock by Unknown Penguin

Honorable Mention
Keeper of the Groove by We Have This!

Best Editing

Twelve O'Clock by Unknown Penguin

Best Directing

The Arsonist by Mirandum Pictures

Best Cinematography

Aftershock by The Side Project

Best Sound Design

The Arsonist by Mirandum Pictures

Best Musical Score

Aftershock by The Side Project

Best Song

Twelve O'Clock by Unknown Penguin

Best Actor

Joseph Powell The Arsonist by Mirandum Pictures

Best Actress

Suzanne Edgar Twelve O'Clock by Unknown Penguin

Honorable Mention
Victoria Portsmore A Weird Thing To Do by The Quest

Best Ensemble Acting

Gender Bender by The Big Honkin'

Best Graphics

ACCEPT by OZ Productions

Best Special Effects

Gender Bender by The Big Honkin'

Best Costumes

The Call by Tunnel Rat Productions

Best Use of Character

Keeper of the Groove by We Have This!

Best Use of Prop

Tell Your Friends by Tangent Filmworks

Best Use of Line

Mother by Planet M Pictures

Best Graphics - Credits

The Arsonist by Mirandum Pictures

2015 Film List

  • A Weird Thing To Do by The Quest

    A stalker moves in with the man she admires, but doesn't handle the jealousy well.

  • ACCEPT by OZ Productions

    A young woman is held captive by a computer system that does not easily accept her answers

  • Aftershock by The Side Project

    A scientist must make a difficult choice when tasked to develop a vaccine against a global plague.

  • All That Racquet by Famous Makers

    A young grouds keeper of a country club

  • An Occurence at the Davenport House by Burnt Toast Productions

    Bridget Davenport has something to tell her father the morning of her wedding

  • Be/Tween by DC Dogs

    When a magic bracelet activates a portal, will Raven find who she's looking for?

  • Best Offer by WITfilms

    A woman must meet the demands of her husband's kidnapper.

  • Burke & James Industrial Components and YOU! by True True Films

    A corporate training video for the B&J Industrial Component Factory

  • Chef Wanted by Capital Offense

    An aspiring chef from a small town gets the heat turned up on him in the big city.

  • Chip Happens by Montserrat upon the Mountain
  • Codependence Day by Tohubohu Productions

    A young woman wants to be accepted by her husband's dysfunctional family at their annual Fourth of July gathering.

  • Collared by Hurst St Productions

    A whodunnit with a hairy twist

  • Death Blender by DC Stunt Coalition

    A man must rely on the his wife's ex-husband to rescue her from the clutches of a cult leader.

  • Double Pump by Banana Reel Entertainment

    Some dates go so well you want to tell everybody. Some dates it's better just to lie.

  • Enmeshed by Shrug Productions

    Two divorcing parents, one child, one winner.

  • Evolving Sideways by Dupont Circle Pictures

    How much weird are you willing to believe?

  • Family Ties by Tryka Film Coalition

    A girl seeks her inheritance

  • First Place Loser by The New Filmographers

    The Other First Place

  • For the Love of Pete by WIFV

    Woman obsesses over a love

  • FRANK by A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.

    Lonely boy escapes reality and becomes a nazi hunter

  • Gender Bender by The Big Honkin'

    A couple finds out what it's like as a memeber of the opposite sex

  • Gone Guy by Just Mezin

    A wife sets out to find her husband, after his mysterious disappearance.

  • Happy Valentine's Day by Jenise Davis

    Valentine's Day is for friends and lovers. But when Cupid strikes a chord, all hell breaks loose.

  • Heartbreak by SCIO Films

    A heartbroken mother goes on a murderous rampage, following the worst news a person could ever hear

  • Home for the Holidays by Bubble-Wrapped Fish Productions

    Young bachelor adjusting to life in his new apartment

  • Keeper of the Groove by We Have This!

    A lost boy discovers himself in the woods through tap dancing.

  • Kepler's Triangle by PeaceTime Media

    An artist is kidnapped by a member of a secret society...

  • Lactose Tolerance by The Worthy Brothers

    Only the Purest Will Do

  • Let Me Be Your Son by ActinDude Productions

    Two dads choose which teen to adopt.

  • Lime Jello by Actors with Strings

    A software engineer finds himself in the reactor room of a spaceship with a crusty old partner.

  • Living with Ataxia:The Musical by Ataxia Team

    After being diagnosed with a hereditary degenerative disease, a woman falls and has a musical dream,

  • Love Charges Everything by Sistine Robot

    A woman tries to reconnect with the credit card phone operator who contacted her previously.

  • Matka by Graphic Vision Films

    She's always watching

  • May 10 by Mente Colectiva

    Mom is always in our memory

  • Minced Meat by Fly By Night Films

    Don't get sliced!

  • Mind Craft by Shenanigans Productions & Movies

    Alexandra, a corporate spy, infiltrates a mindcraft support group to learn about their addiction.

  • Monocacy by Sweep the leg, Johnny!


  • Monster by Pajamanaut

    An obsessive baker is driven to madness when a killer stalks him.

  • Mother by Planet M Pictures

    A dinner party goes wrong when mother comes for a visit.

  • Nerds Win by yin&yang

    2 Nerds play a game only to find out they are being watched by another being in the room.

  • Photo Finish by Mensch Filmt, Gott Lenkt

    A man confronts the end of a fantastical friendship.

  • PI by Aura Media Productions

    A Man shows up for a job interview only to discover its more than he can handle.

  • Prize Inside by Red Bathroom Productions

    A woman unknowingly catches the eye of a cereal killer.

  • Psychobabble by Citra/CVA Productions

    Bridget never thought motherhood would be easy, but the stress is driving her insane.?

  • Ragtime Gal by mapleway

    Beauty contest loser ends up on casting couch.

  • ROCK by Laugh Index Theatre

    A perpetual loser prepares to face off against his longtime archrival in the big championship match.

  • Rule of Thumb (Art of Redemption) by R Street Productions

    If Siskel & Ebert were alive today, they'd give this film a "no thumbs up"

  • Second Deadly Sin by WHITE Films

    Legendary forest creature wins lotto and succumbs to the inherit greed of his human half

  • She and I by RedSpace Studios

    A wealthy woman battles her own alter ego in an effort to save her romantic relationship

  • six minutes by Crash of Rhinos

    Zero to panic in six minutes.

  • Squad by Squad

    When four reunite things may no go as planned

  • Susan Destroys the World by Frozen Penguin Productions

    Would you want to know if it wasn't going to end well for you?

  • Sweet Irony by Cup O'Meat Productions

    Man decides to end it in an unusual way, only to reconsider to no avail

  • Sweet(ish) by Suburban video

    Five friends sit down to play a delightful children's game with just a small twist.

  • Tell Your Friends by Tangent Filmworks

    Brent solicits the services of a young woman, Amber who lives to cater to his every desire

  • The Arsonist by Mirandum Pictures

    On his first day at work, an ex-convict is standing out for all the wrong reasons.

  • The C.L.E.A.N.S.E by Cinema Murcielago

    Sometimes, the apple falls far from the tree.

  • The Call by Tunnel Rat Productions

    A dying inventor's granddaughter uses his invention to ensure the future unfolds as it should.

  • The Interrogation by Discordian Films

    Because Habeas Corpus Means Deliver The Body

  • The Interview by Hill East Productions

    Three candidates interview for a opportunity of a lifetime.

  • The Murder Milton Montgomery by Take 2

    A pizza delivery girl exacts her revenge.

  • The Object of Love by Cheekybats

    Bridget Davenport challenges our understanding of what love is.

  • The Role of a Lifetime by Hyperspectral Productions

    A woman struggles with what it takes to be a good person in the most important audition of her life.

  • Tribute by Crowded Elevator Pictures

    Things don't always go as planned.

  • Twelve O'Clock by Unknown Penguin

    Monica awaits the surprise arrival of her boss at twelve o'clock sharp.

  • Unfinished Revenge by Advaitha Media

    Revenge Horror

  • Unmasked by Two Proof Films

    two girl friends compete for a high stakes prize

  • What Your Wish For... by Zonkey Pictures

    When a couple seeks help conceiving a baby, things don't come out as expected.

  • When I Get Home by House of Discards

    A man learns to accept loss through the power of memory.

  • Which Witch by Awkward Trio Productions

    Two aspiring witches attempt to summon the spirit of a deceased ancestor

  • Win 2 Lose by Bayside Film Collective

    track runner is fed up of always coming in second

  • Witches Brew by Plan R Films

    Happy Hour Meets Witching Hour

  • Z23 by Aircrew Studios

    Two sisters play a high stakes game of chess.

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