San Diego, California August 19 - 21, 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to A Focus Group for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film Con Boys will go on to represent San Diego against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

Con Boys by A Focus Group

2nd Place: Best Film of 2016

Bloodline by

3rd Place: Best Film of 2016

Mug by Kanari Storm

Audience Favorite: Group A

SUPr by Team Groovy

Audience Favorite: Group B

The NBL by Bad MF

Audience Favorite: Group C

Split by Ellipsis Productions

Audience Favorite: Group D

Reality Bytes by GrooveKo

Audience Favorite: Group E

Con Boys by A Focus Group

Audience Favorite: Group F

Stimulus by Tea and Bag Production Co.

Charlie Holiday by Kilna Companies

Audience Favorite: Group G

Bloodline by

Best Writing

Family in Progress by 4th Hallway

Best Editing

THE CALL by The Joelsons

Best Directing

Bloodline by

Best Cinematography

THE CALL by The Joelsons

Best Sound Design

THE CALL by The Joelsons

Best Musical Score

Loser by Alloy

Best Actor

Jonathan Maxwell Con Boys by A Focus Group

Best Actress

Cristyn Chandler Loser by Alloy

Best Ensemble Acting

Bloodline by

Honorable Mention
Family in Progress by 4th Hallway

Best Graphics

Animal Control by Snarky Films

Best Special Effects

SUPr by Team Groovy

Best Use of Character

The NBL by Bad MF

Best Use of Prop

T.A.G. by Spenceroo22

Best Use of Line

Interior Disaster by Table Six Productions

Best Use of Genre

Interior Disaster by Table Six Productions

Best Blocking

Bloodline by

Best Makeup, Francia Cohen

The NBL by Bad MF

Rising Star Actor, Gage Magosin

Con Boys by A Focus Group

Rising Star Actress, Isabella Cuda

Con Boys by A Focus Group


2016 Film List

  • 10 Minutes by CRUEL SUMMER

    Mournful Jason travels back in time to revisit his late sister Audrey on her favorite holiday

  • 6 Minutes to Midnight by Zu

    Wracked by grief and pursued by an assassin, two brothers seek vengeance on the man who brought deat

  • Airport Valets by Grudio Pictures

    Three homeless valets pick the wrong house to crash in.

  • Animal Control by Snarky Films

    When the World's Gone Wild - it's time to let the Animals out of their cage.

  • APART FROM THE REST by Rogue Identity

    The rocky road to following your dreams

  • Birthday Surprise by BigBootStudio

    A man finds a very special birthday surprise waiting at home.

  • Bittersweet Fortune by IntelleXual Entertainment: Part Deux

    After the mysterious disappearance of her father, a young woman is forced to grow up.

  • Blind Spot by RAWMIX Productions

    Misinterpreted visions lead a man, a woman & 3 peculiar strangers to unimaginable wealth

  • Blood, A Bag and a Key by A Two-Bit Team

    After a mob boss's son goes missing, an assassin is being hunted for an answer

  • Bloodline by

    After their father's death, three siblings struggle over the will left for them.

  • Breakout Room by Ina Rush Productions

    Old love never dies... or does it

  • Buddies for Life by benchwarmers

    Buddies for Life

  • Buddy Love by Baysic

    Sexual tension between unlikely friends

  • Campaign America! by Converging Perspectives

    All's Fair in Love and Politics

  • Charlie Holiday by Kilna Companies

    Sometimes the holidays mean making sacrifices!

  • Check | Mates by state of flux

    A new threat from an old enemy

  • Con Boys by A Focus Group

    The con is on.

  • Corn Hole This by Scrambled Signal Productions

    An up and coming corn holler is confronted by awell renown rich athlete. she has to make a choice

  • Dance of the Infernos by Rebel Kids Entertainment

    It's lit.

  • Daydream by Society Art
  • Discontinuance by IntelleXual Entertainment

    A Father & Daughter's relationship is altered forever by an unexpected experience.

  • Dr. Proboscis by No Funeral

    When experiments on mosquitos go horribly wrong!

  • Ensi by Sofa King Awesome

    Agora eu vou te ensinar

  • Esnafu by Blind Films

    A man is faced with a test of morals as he, partner and another man begin to develop a romance.

  • Family in Progress by 4th Hallway

    It's not just a sitcom.

  • Fletcher And Jenks by Satiated Sadists

    Two detectives pair up to find a serial killer.

  • From Here to Heir by No Pants Productions

    Sometimes, getting there is twice the fun

  • Ghostnote by Studio Żaba

    A young Chinese immigrant deals with the struggles of assimilation through music.

  • H. W. Hill by Future Loon Productions

    The research and struggle of Herman Hill.

  • Happy Birthday by Lost Turtle Films

    Daughter must go back in time to save her dad.

  • Happy Snaps by Bad Betsy

    An undercover agent sent to a recover a weapon discovers a crime boss with a passion for pictures.

  • Her Men by killa catz

    Hannah navigates the troubled waters of a marriage and an affair

  • Hill Bound by Red Together

    Coming of age isn't just for the young!

  • Hill Manor by Preposterous Films

    Henrietta Hill inherits Grandfather's estate, and realizes her destiny.

  • Honey Badger by VMax Especial

    A passionate but jilted woman looking for revenge gets more than she bargained for...and less.


    I don't know what to say...

  • Imaginary Monty by [Empty Slot]

    A new relationship forces Todd to choose between the love of his life and his not-so-existent friend

  • In The Nick Of Time by TrevRomFilms

    Two hostages contemplate whether the towns superhero will save them.

  • Interior Disaster by Table Six Productions

    A millionaire selling her property hires a ragtag group of designers and disaster ensues.

  • John Bows by Peaceful Revolution

    What is wrong with you

  • Knocking Door to Door by Lucky Lads

    A young man going door to door spreading the good word encounters an eccentric millionaire.

  • Loser by Alloy

    After prison, a woman tries to find a way to reconnect with her life.

  • Lost and Found by Operation Kino

    A woman receives a message from beyond the grave

  • Love Struck by Palomar GC

    Love hits when you least expect it.

  • Me and Steve by Count Hippo

    A girl finds companionship with a demon.

  • MindGames by This is Happening
  • Mug by Kanari Storm

    A mugger gets more than he bargain for when he holds up two women on holiday in New York.

  • No Back Button by Resulting Impact Film Productions


  • No Returns by Rowlbertos Media

    Two time traveling assassins seeking to rectify the past, resolve their future.

  • On the Choice of Human Sacrifice8 by Film for Burritos

    How far would you go?

  • PASSED OVER by Fallen Light Media

    FBI partners investigate a missing millionaire fashion mogul

  • Reality Bytes by GrooveKo

    Modern Romance for the lonely

  • REFRAMED by XATA Productions

    Failed marriage, years wasted, time-warp.

  • Rose Colored Glasses by Room 404

    Rosie is the love of his life, but what does that mean for her?

  • ROYAL DE LUXE by City Band Productions


  • Serial Devotion by Dream More Than Sleep

    A son needs his mother's approval

  • Side Effects by Calm Before the Storm Productions

    Can you trust your memory?

  • Six to Midnight by Aperture Active

    What's wrong with you

  • Sorry to Bother You by Patrick

    A struggling freelancer ends up trapped, only to learn he's been trapped in his mind much longer

  • Soul Transaction by Dreadfully Punk

    If you could change who you are in an instant, would you?

  • Split by Ellipsis Productions

    Henrietta navigates the boundaries of her fragmented mind

  • Spore Goodness Sake by What In The World Productions

    Spores at the garden attacking victims

  • Steve & Opi in the Puzzling Plume by Guerrilla Aesthete Productions

    A down on his luck PI & his partner crack the case of the century when a millionairess is murdered.

  • Stimulus by Tea and Bag Production Co.
  • Super by Pastel Circus

    Wannabe hero Fielding has to save the city millionaire from the baddest villains in town

  • SUPr by Team Groovy

    Two sisters give each other te courage to grow up and embrace their destiny.

  • T.A.G. by Spenceroo22

    Spencer sets out to create the World's Greatest New Sport to win a contest

  • The Best Things by Almost Good Films

    A millionaire talks about the best things in life.

  • The Birthing Club by Fine City Productions

    3 women with nothing common, but one man

  • THE CALL by The Joelsons

    A woman's adventure through a parallel universe where she struggles to understand which world she be

  • The Demand by MAP Entertainment

    Yound woman takes bos hostage to harvest organ

  • The Donor by Metal Pixel Foundry

    A story about a millionaire who pays more than he expected to pay to save his wife.

  • The Fad and the Furriest by Cane Toad Productions

    A documentary crew investigates a fan group for plush toys and the personal histories of its members

  • The Mystery of the Millionaire's Box by El Sindicato de Poway

    Two dudes fall into a shallow mystery of suck

  • The NBL by Bad MF

    Witness the 1st ever Multimillion Dollar Beer Pong Championship.

  • The Silent Traveler by LJ CREW

    man falls asleep and dreams of time travel

  • The Social Disease by BucketList Films

    Is the real disease really virtual? The Social Disease spread but never really existed.

  • The Sport by Wolf Pack

    Girl competes in a twisted competition.

  • There's Blood In The Punch Bowl by Mosleyfilms

    Two people are alone with a recently dead body, so one of them has got to be the murderer, right?

  • Trash God by Zozzle Squadron

    The trash god is invading the suburbs.

  • Truth by Sid Films

    Truth is life

  • Us by Blackstone

    Two girls try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

  • Verse by Saber Horse Media

    A star on her downfall needs hope to get over a loss.

  • What's Wrong with You? by North County Filmmakers

    Man almost drowns in a pool, who will save him?

  • Where There's a Will by Yet Another Film Team

    Have you made a will?

  • With Love ...H by Tiberiusfilm Ltd.

    Money can't buy love

  • Xtended by The Bearded Bandits

    If you could cure yourself and live forever, would you?

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