New Orleans, Louisiana July 26 - 28, 2013

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to 7th & Constance for winning Best Film of 2013. Their film The Wand will go on to represent New Orleans against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2014.

1st Place: Best Film of 2013

The Wand by 7th & Constance

2nd Place: Best Film of 2013

Wander Lust by Construct Films

2013 Film List

  • "My Hero" by Indien Media

    When stress and depression drive David Schlect’s wife closer and closer to the edge, he must resort

  • #Magical16 by Zombie and the Brain

    Laurence must work around a house of magical creatures to plan a sweet 16 birthday party.

  • 3 Cakes, 2 Cabs, and 1 Bicycle by l'equipe synechdoche

    A perfectionist event planner attempts to rescue her career with the help of a time machine.

  • A Part of Me, Apart From Me by Mushroom Cloud 9

    Waiting for you

  • Another Fine Mess for Schlecht by STUDIO DMZ

    What do you do when your best buddy leads you to disaster

  • Awkward diagnosis by Brain Freeze

    A young man's crush leads to awkward scenarios

  • Blowback by Venture Capital

    What goes around comes around.

  • BROAD DAYLIGHT by Nervous Light Films


  • Changing Directions by Southern Exposure

    A farmers daughter helps support the family farm by following her dream as a songwriter.

  • Chatter by Outlook Productions

    Chaos abounds but what's pulling the strings

  • Crossing by Sinista With an A

    It's Not Your Grandpa's Western...

  • Date with Death by Dat's a Movie?

    Quarreling detective partners find love while investigating a murder at a speed dating venue.

  • El Toro Returns by William Gil Films

    El Toro returns with unsuspected trouble

  • Eli by Emoclew Productions

    You Can't Always Run Away from Your Problems

  • falling. by Barnstorm Cinema

    falling for fun, falling for love.

  • FallOut by B-Group Productions

    Dont forget your belt at home

  • Fatal Switch by Vaylens Productions

    Small mistakes have big consequences

  • Fifty Shades of White by Team Whatever


  • Finders Keepers? by Parker Brigade

    A story of how 5 kids lives changed in a day

  • First Offense by Team Phoenix

    Three hitmen walk into a bar...

  • Handful of Banjos by Duke & Gunder Studios

    It's my first time.

  • Home Sweet Homeless by Yum Productions

    Change is gonna come

  • Into the Wood by Team LaFilm

    When Arbor Day Inc. attempts a hostile takeover of Christmas, Santa & Mrs. Claus save the day.

  • It's Larry by Second Line

    An event specialist fights for the girl he loves at a party he never planned.

  • Killer Results by NSH PRODUCTIONs

    When an amateur assassin goes on a ride a long, the target is not the only thing on her mind.

  • Laura & Connie's Quest for the Golden Ale by Elysian Post & Production

    Laura & Connie break off, from a tour of the Abita Brewery, to sneek a taste of a rare brew.

  • Lloyd &Phil by Major Empire

    Lloyd is about to be deployed and fears he may not return so he decides to locate his son.

  • Make It Dark by Lonely Eskimo Productions

    A premature death in the family leaves two members with much to discuss.

  • Man's Best Friend by GumboMonster

    No logline submitted

  • Mr. Romance by Absinth Vision

    It's my first time.

  • MTF by Juvenile Intentions

    Innocence Lost

  • Ol' Girl. by COUYON Productions

    Disarmed and Dangerous.

  • Pepito's Way by Film Nuts Productions

    Laurence is tired of being bullied, but does he have the braun and brains to stand up for himself.

  • Phantom Fool by Wait for It

    Incompetant ghost hunters find more than they bargain for.

  • Photo Finish by The Breakfast items

    Laura helps plan and photograph peoples' suicides for personal gain and a twsted vision of beauty.

  • Porta-Schlecht by Bag-a-Ho's

    Characters come to PAA for a life changing event/experience

  • Queen Cake by Nowhere Bayou

    "Some birthday surprises are bigger than others."

  • Recipe by Tumbleweed

    A young cook discovers that the chef is poisoning people and gets locked in the freezer.

  • Snapped by Some Pulp Productions

    Freaky Frankie gives Laura some hardcore life coaching in a supernatural house of psychotic women.

  • Sock by Sigma Delta

    It's my first time.

  • Sunny Side Up by EFI Productions

    Two best friends try to survive a solar apocalypse.

  • Supaho by Sketchy Characters

    A prudish young woman discovers she has powers in places she never knew she had.

  • The Blocker by 1000 lbs Guerilla

    Just who IS Ron Danger?

  • THE CONNECTION by Nola Restaurant Productions

    An evnt plannr frm Memphis comes to Nola on vacation, falls for eccntric artst wth a pwr crd obsessn

  • The Last First Time by Red Thunder

    An experienced hitman breaks his one rule for the first time.

  • The Lauras' Hat Society by More Wet Productions

    A woman finds that jumping to conclusions leads to nothing but distress.

  • The Office Party by The League of Moderately Talented Underachievers

    A new employee tries to plan an office party.

  • The Perfect Plan by implicted

    Downsizing at Event Planners Inc.

  • The Ponderosa File by TALKING DOG PRODUCTIONS

    Deep within the bowels of Southern Oil Depot that would destroy the nation.

  • The Wand by 7th & Constance

    Magic comes from the heart

  • Theraphobia Bling Buddies by The Swider Bros.

    "What are buddies for?"

  • There was a bird by Robot Alchemy

    This film could kill you

  • Time Schlecht by Empire of Geeks

    It is my first time

  • Under The Table by NTouch Concepts

    Were above Board About Being Under the Table

  • Unemployed by 3517 Law Street

    An employer who recruits potential employees for his own gain.

  • Unplanned Events by Breathe Video Kartel

    Even the best planners must deal with the twists of life

  • Visions by CAELUS

    Visions: Thebirthd of a superhero

  • Wander Lust by Construct Films

    Where to Next?

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