Edinburgh 18 - 20 May 2018

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Beyond Studios for winning Best Film of 2018. Their film The Big Pop will go on to represent Edinburgh against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2019.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

The Big Pop by Beyond Studios

Required Elements

  • Character: Dr. Mackenzie Menendez
  • Prop: popcorn
  • Line: "I love you."

Audience Favorite: Group A

The Big Pop by Beyond Studios

Audience Favorite: Group B

Galax e-Learning by Oligo Productions

Best Writing

Galax e-Learning by Oligo Productions

Best Editing

Too Little Too Late by Pro Dog

Best Directing

Swings and Roundabouts by One More Stone Productions

Best Cinematography

The Big Pop by Beyond Studios

Best Sound Design

The Big Pop by Beyond Studios

Best Music

Vital Strike by Dalry Open Film

Best Actor

BLÜ by Spritelight Pictures

Best Actress

Swings and Roundabouts by One More Stone Productions

Best Effects

Too Little Too Late by Pro Dog

Best Use of Character

Salvador by How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 48 Hour Film Project

Best Use of Prop

Hot & Bothered by Granola and Beans

Best Use of Line

Savage 6 by Orange Moon Productions

2018 Film List

  • A Poo to a Kill by BINC Productions

    Can our hero do his duty when danger comes knocking?

  • BLÜ by Spritelight Pictures

    A seemingly ordinary man in a loving relationship, Doctor Menendez' secret passions catch up with him, causing his life to unravel.

  • Dr. I.Love by Cinema Paralytic-er

    Dr Mackenzie Menendez is one of the world's most in demand Sports Therapists, working exclusively with the "athletically challenged" stars of the future.

  • Fractured Minds by Fast Motion

    Two brothers have the ultimate choice to make when their sick mother wants to take her own life.

  • Galax e-Learning by Oligo Productions

    Getting the basics of human intergration/invation

  • Her Last Words by Red Stone

    Once upon a time, The Edgies were a band. And now the reason they broke up is the reason they have to be together again.

  • High Noon by Half/Cut Films

    Tripping out is bad, so is being hunted by a psychopathic cowboy. Dave tries drugs and gets to experience both, only the cowboy is his beloved girlfriend.

  • Hot & Bothered by Granola and Beans

    A little guy has a big problem.

  • I'm Sorry. by ACCESS MEDIA

    Kirsty is sorry, but is it to be for the last time.

  • Journey's End.... Journeys Begin by Heel Films

    Drugs, money and complete heartbreak

  • Lifejacket by Steve

    Mackenzie visits her slacker younger brother for a weekend on his houseboat, only to find that he is still lazy and perhaps more dangerous and delusional than ever.

  • Nearer by Film makers previously known as MirräeMàxx

    A visual feast of exploration into the dark and maddening mind of Dr. Mackenzie Menendez, PhD.

  • Once Upon a Time in West Lothian by Mass Productions

    Logline? Logline? We don't need no stinking Logline!

  • Pops by Rogues Gallery

    Pops, a rich entrepreneur who founded Cornball - competitive popcorn throwing - hides a dark secret that will change everything.

  • Post Offline by TrickShot FilmWorks

    After the wake of a deadly virus the world has been left in ruin. There is one thing mankind couldn't live without though. The internet.

  • Salvador by How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 48 Hour Film Project

    A woman who pledged to save lives when she became a doctor, plots revenge on the lowlife junkie who killed her Father.

  • Savage 6 by Orange Moon Productions

    A new prank game is taking the internet by storm. Once you’ve started you can’t stop, no matter how dark the consequences.

  • STAKE by Badger Productions

    This thriller follows the sickly routine of a sinister character, with a darkly comedic twist. Inspired by real-life Tinder date horror stories.

  • Suck My Montage by Up With The Train

    Two sporting rivals go head to head in one last grudge match to settle and old score and decide the fate of Stakes the beloved dog.

  • Swings and Roundabouts by One More Stone Productions

    A primary school reunion leads to the reveal of long held secrets.

  • The Big Pop by Beyond Studios

    Murder, dames and the butterkist of death. A rookie P.I sets out to prove himself.

  • The BnB by Still Salty

    Three young girls go on a long-awaited holiday only to end up in a BnB full of secret cameras and someone spying on their private lives...

  • The Cuer by Union Films

    A well renowned psycho surgeon is demonstrating his latest procedure. Nothing can go wrong, surely?

  • The Eyes of Anubis by Crooked Pictures

    Two treasure hunters find a fabled jewel but are intercepted by a villainous media tycoon

  • The Hardest Hobbit to Break by The Alumni

    Beyond the Shire and beyond help, Paul lives in his own fantasy world like a fish out of Mordor

  • The Line by Ten O'Clock Productions

    A young aspiring actress goes for an audition but seems to fluff her lines at the penultimate moment, she is not the only one with issues; Seasoned thespian Oscar cannot let go of his past and desperately needs to re-mold a new stage star to accompany him.

  • The Manet Shot by Moving Picts

    An aspiring artist recreates a classic painting. All goes well until jealousy rears its head and emotions reach a climax.

  • The Mighty Dabbler & Zip Girl by Eyedoll Productions & Eyedoll Productions

    A doctor follows two contenters as they prepare for the Superhero Cup

  • Too Little Too Late by Pro Dog

    Pro Dog wakes up with only a few minutes to spare before the 48HFP deadline

  • Transparent Man by Monsoon season

    A gentically enhanced superhero, distressed by the loneliness of his lifestyle, talks to his military psychologist about his struggles, desire for human connection and impending blind date.

  • Trapped in Adolescence by SK Productions

    A grown man struggles to leave his childhood behind.

  • Tricycle by As The Crow Flies

    A couple in a struggling relationship are thrown into a chaotic misadventure when they play host to an unexpected guest.

  • Vital Strike by Dalry Open Film

    When A Doctor working as a cleaner has to put her morals aside in order to keep her job she has to decide if she will fight for integrity

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