Denver, Colorado July 31 - August 2, 2015

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Stranger Studios for winning Best Film of 2015. Their film Spinsters will go on to represent Denver against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2016.

1st Place: Best Film of 2015

Spinsters by Stranger Studios

2nd Place: Best Film of 2015

Bad Penny by 3rd Floor Films

3rd Place: Best Film of 2015

Catastrophe! by Nebulus Visions

Audience Favorite: Group A

Bad Penny by 3rd Floor Films

Honorable Mention
Bloodline by B. Mooregoode Productions

Audience Favorite: Group B

You're So Funny by Lost Leader Films

Honorable Mentions
The Decision by BS Filmworks
Point Perspective by 7&CO

Audience Favorite: Group C

Fearless by Maskil Productions

Honorable Mentions
Denouement by Dragoon Films
The Single Best Invention by Cinema Geeks

Audience Favorite: Group D

Spinsters by Stranger Studios

Honorable Mention
Catastrophe! by Nebulus Visions

Best Writing

Spinsters by Stranger Studios

Point Perspective by 7&CO

Best Editing

The Decision by BS Filmworks

Bad Penny by 3rd Floor Films

Best Directing

Catastrophe! by Nebulus Visions

Best Cinematography

The Single Best Invention by Cinema Geeks

Honorable Mention
Bloodline by B. Mooregoode Productions

Best Sound Design

The Single Best Invention by Cinema Geeks

Best Musical Score

Denouement by Dragoon Films

Best Actor

Marty Lindsey Bad Penny by 3rd Floor Films

Best Actress

Tiffany Briels Denouement by Dragoon Films

Best Ensemble Acting

Bad Penny by 3rd Floor Films

Best Graphics

Spinsters by Stranger Studios

Best Special Effects

Catastrophe! by Nebulus Visions

Best Use of Character

Time for Change by Racine Street

2015 Film List

  • After the Ring by No Zombies

    After discovering his wife's infidelities, Trip Gomez puts his heart on the line to win her back.

  • Bad Detective by RobCob Productions

    A detective’s poor performance on the job only reinforces rumors of his past life

  • Bad Penny by 3rd Floor Films

    It's his lot in life.

  • Bloodline by B. Mooregoode Productions

    Young Trip Gomez has to make the decision of his life - whether or not to continue the Bloodline!

  • Carly's Choice by Real Eyes Your VisAbility

    Peer pressured to steal, young girl turns the tables on the bully

  • Catastrophe! by Nebulus Visions

    A pair of siblings seek help from an unusual source when a cataclysmic event threatens the world.

  • Chloe by The Filmingos

    A man comes to grips with his wife's death while talking to her.

  • Denouement by Dragoon Films

    A woman struggles with depression after her time in the spotlight.

  • Fearless by Maskil Productions

    A man struggles with raising his young daughter alone in the old west.

  • Fish Tanked by Crescit Eundo

    Time captures us all

  • Grace by Being Here Productions

    Favor is often shined upon us by those we least expect and in that act of love we know Grace.

  • Headlong by Ruff, Ruff Dog Productions

    Dogged by guilt, a man struggles to be free.

  • Her Bare Hands by Slow Children at Play

    A women epic struggle to rehabilitate her partner, forges her into a new exsistance.

  • Horrorscope by Garce Works / Old Timers

    One man's blue moon.

  • Inanimate Love by Productricity


  • Johnson's Summer by Shoot THIS Productions

    Things can't get worse for Johnson, or can they? Not with the power of positivity!

  • Jungfrau by Indysfilms

    A young girls nightly activities may seem unsettling to some.

  • Left on the Blue Moon by En Route Films

    A man's life spent on the quest to explain his family's disappearance saved by an intergalactic trav

  • Life Line by Running Riot Pictures

    A retired circus fortune teller helps solve a murder that has been unsolved for two years.

  • Life on Repeat by Minor Panic Productions

    When a young tightrope walker takes a tragic fall, she discovers that death isn't always the end of

  • Lion Fish Out of Water by Whiskey & Cigarettes + The Agency

    Freedom has a price...

  • Madcap by 310 Productions

    A retired circus performer fantasizes about one last performance.

  • Mouse Trap by Cook St. Productions

    A detective works his way through a case with the help of a training video.

  • My Friend Trip by Ugly Mutt Entertainment

    A retired circus performer and his life-long friend embark on a journey to find the retiree a job.

  • Not My Monkeys by Peregrinari Films

    A flirty ex-circus artist attempts to con a retiree, whose trinket draws evil from the shadows.

  • Out of Touch by Queso What

    A city boy gets lost in the mountains and discovers there is more to life then his cellphone.

  • Point Perspective by 7&CO

    An art gallery curator helps strangers and confronts her greatest fear through short vignettes.

  • Red Mary by Alumni

    Every 5 Years they go back

  • Road Home by Twisted Ladder

    New beginnings from a past mistake

  • Scandal Under The Big Top by ILYAFILMS

    The thin light between love and hate.

  • Speed Dating Steve by Tablemtnfilms

    As the only man at a speed dating session, you would imagine it would be easy to pick out a match.

  • Spinsters by Stranger Studios

    A friendly ladybug and a lonely black widow find friendship in the face of danger.

  • Synthia by Binary Helix

    Synthia discovers her true self as the world collapses during an invasion

  • The Deal by Shankopotamus Designs

    Life is tough when you are 7 and retired.

  • The Decision by BS Filmworks

    Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself.

  • The Only Moment We Were Alone by Phantom Drive

    wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • The Relic Chasers by IJIN Studios

    two special agents on the hunt for a mysterious and dangerous artifact

  • The Score by Mack Judd

    A skilled operative is hired to retrieve a mysterious notebook.

  • The Single Best Invention by Cinema Geeks

    Two friends pull off one last heist and find some closure.

  • The Solicitors by Orange Vest Productions

    Home invader gets more than he bargins for.

  • Time for Change by Racine Street

    A troubled man finds emotional support with the the help of his friends.

  • Trim by Verax

    When the love of his life runs away, retired circus performer Trip Gomez goes on a trip to find her.

  • Trish in a Barrel by Thanatos Films

    A mysterious female cowboy appears in a small town to settle scores.

  • Under the Influence by Colorado Media School

    There's not much time.

  • What difference does it make? by MT Productions

    Ex husband and children find out that ex wife and mother is engaged to a woman

  • WHO? by Denver in Color

    (GASP!) Carnival themed Murder Mystery!

  • You're So Funny by Lost Leader Films

    A young comic struggles between his parents' wishes and his dream to get The Girl.

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