Boston, Massachusetts May 4 - 6, 2018

The Winners

The weekend of May 4th through May 6th, in just 48 hours, 900 filmmakers across New England created 62 films.

After much deliberation, this year’s winning films have been chosen by our distinguished panel of judges, which included Ty Burr, reporter and film critic at the Boston Globe; Joyce Kulhawik, President of the Boston Theater Critics Association/Film Critic for; and Tom Meek, President of the Boston Society of Film Critics.

We are proud to announce our winning film, “What Was In Those Brownies?” by RUSerious! Congratulations to them, to the other winning teams, and all of the filmmakers who participated!

A full list of winners can be found here.

1st Place: Best Film of 2018

2nd Place: Best Film of 2018

Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Required Elements

  • Character: Thelma or Thud Taylor, person of action
  • Prop: a flower
  • Line: "Let me think." or "Lemme think."

Audience Favorite: Group A

Lynda by Moose Films

Audience Favorite: Group B

Hit Pop Anonymous by Hoover Products

Audience Favorite: Group C

Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Audience Favorite: Group D

Code of the Road by Obnots

Best Writing

Jan Bloch, Charlie Walsh, Mardy Walsh and Seb Wood What Was In Those Brownies? by RUSerious

Best Editing

Nicholas Agri Variety by The Troglodytes

Mark Marshall and Kyp Pilalas Somniphobia by Wax Idiotical Films

Best Directing

Mike Gorenberg and John Harrison Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Best Cinematography

Joe Flahive Clean? by Hive Media

Best Sound Design

Adamo Maisano Somniphobia by Wax Idiotical Films

Best Musical Score

Steven Gutheinz and Bob Ward Mensch on the Bench by Hocus Focus

Kevin MacLeod and Joe Flahive Clean? by Hive Media

Best Song

Maximillian Smith for “Time Travel Is Quite Painful” Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Best Actor

Ryan Ruiz Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Desmond Lewis For Baby by Extra Medium

Best Actress

Jill Rodgers Somniphobia by Wax Idiotical Films

Best Ensemble Acting

Best Special Effects

Dan Black and Shauna LeMay-Convery C.O.D.I. by Fat Foot Films

Best Use of Character

Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Best Use of Prop

Hit Pop Anonymous by Hoover Products

Best Use of Line

Somniphobia by Wax Idiotical Films

Best Use of Genre

Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Best Titling

Kaitlyn O'Brien Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning

Best Animal Performance

Smino as Pig Joey What Was In Those Brownies? by RUSerious

Best Catering

Jess Riggs Garton Code of the Road by Obnots

John de la Parra That Witch! by Victorious Secret

Best Drone Cinematography

Bob Ward Mensch on the Bench by Hocus Focus

Women in the 48: Outstanding Youth

Teagan Seltzer A Taste of Porridge by Illest Villains

Women in the 48: Grand Prize

Samantha Lewis For Baby by Extra Medium

Women in the 48: Runner Up

Jacqueline Kern Don't Listen by J. Kern Productions

2018 Film List

  • 48 Hours by Groton Tomatoes

    While the Groton Channel crew work on their 48 hour film, members of the team start to disappear.

  • A Recipe for a Good Roommate by Scrubtopia

    Joseph finds a new apartment and quickly finds out that it may have been too good to be true.

  • A Taste of Porridge by Illest Villains

    A perplexed teen is on her quest for love to help her further understand her own identity in this coming-of-age classic.

  • A Wonderful Time of the Year by MadCat Productions

    Don't you wish it was Christmas all year 'round?

  • Ace by Wicked Pissah Productions

    Life can be tough but love will pull you through

  • And the Winner Is... by Broken Compass Videos

    Sometimes dreams aren't worth pursuing

  • Bastard Wings by Pica Films

    Leave your orb in the car.

  • Bearly There by Red Dawn

    Discovering they are ill-prepared for what nature has thrown their way, a couple's camping trip becomes a matter of survival.

  • Bumpy Road by Monster Baby Feet

    Couple breaks up at wedding and has a long car ride home.

  • Busted by Gwowls Productions

    Two boys sneak out of the house into town for the night, and one annoying little sister races to catch them.

  • C.O.D.I. by Fat Foot Films

    This is the future......of dating.

  • Casting a Champion by Striving Artists

    A police commissioner must hold auditions to hire a superhero in two days or be fired by the mayor.

  • Casual Causality by Pilotgroove Pictures

    Two guys from different whens go on an adventure through time and space and learn what you do in the past does not always effect the future.

  • Clean? by Hive Media

    House Cleaners

  • Closing Up by EFM

    When a florist gets cornered while closing up, she has no choice but to fight back.

  • Code of the Road by Obnots

    Always brake for rainbows

  • Don't Listen by J. Kern Productions

    Don't stop to smell the flowers

  • Effort by Top Feeg

    Effort comes in many forms.

  • Elm by K Bye Productions

    Thud Taylor is a man of action, and nothing will stop him from becoming a star

  • F.A.S.T.: Professional Loper Lillian Hill by Playomatic

    She's gotta have Form. Agility. Speed and Timing to win this race!

  • Fallen Petals by Shooters Shoot

    Modern twist to Romeo & Juliet immersed in the daily emotional struggles teens face.

  • Fantasy Writing Class by Longshot

    GA group of dysfunctional fantasy writing students argue over which of their creations is the best while one of the student shows the others how his fantasy became reality.

  • Flour by Ballounatics

    A human experiences unexpected problems with his new roommate.

  • For Baby by Extra Medium

    A young boy and his imaginary friend go on a quest to prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

  • Hay Fever by Team Roommates

    After the pollen of a deadly flower, Pollenus Ludicrous, begins killing the people of Boston, college freshman Polly Polanowski and Eagle scout Thud Taylor race to find and destroy the flower.

  • Hit Pop Anonymous by Hoover Products

    What happens when the best guys for the job are the job?

  • Karl by First Day of School Pictures


  • Landlord by Mean Children

    When moving into her first solo apartment, Laila meets an unexpected guest.

  • Lilies in the Woods by Sparkle Motion Pictures

    Children get lost in imagination land while on a hike with mom who is distracted while talking to her Mother In Law.

  • Lost Composure by DES Productions

    A Father attempts to be with his son after his past actions from losing self control has stopped that from happening. The Mother of the child looks for a local detective to help find the Father because he is not supposed to be with the boy.

  • Lynda by Moose Films

    Four eighth-grade friends encounter a strange talking computer named Lynda that seems to predict the future, which is all fun and games until Lynda predicts one of the friends will die before graduating.

  • Mensch on the Bench by Hocus Focus

    Misunderstood, this old school man interacts with modern day people who don't accept his friendly, outgoing nature. He meets a sad woman who is vulnerable and is finally understood.

  • New Material by <345

    A woman struggles with her break up with a stand up comedian.

  • Opposing Thumbs by Deer Lord Pictures

    A Thumb themed hero plants the seeds of justice.

  • Peculiar by Team Cyclops-Snowman

    A high school student struggles with traits related to autism, but in an unexpected way.

  • Peeping Thelma by Mediabot Productions

    One husband's curiosity leads him to discover the truth when a mysterious connection forms between the leering stares between his wife and a neighbor.

  • People of Action by Snaggletoof Productions

    A podcaster begins to realize that she might not know it all.

  • Pilo by PorchProductions

    A man's dream of becoming a famous soccer commentator is complicated by a stolen voice in a gamble of the Gods.

  • Point by Rapid Combustion

    Three beings find themselves in an action-less society within a never ending loop, trying desperately to break the cycle.

  • Principles by Collective Subconscious Productions

    Under the omni-present eye of the school principal, an overly-eager teacher enlists the help of her favorite student to dismantle a secret homework-smuggling den.

  • Reverse by Girls in Fedoras

    A girl must go back in time to stop her friend from meeting the most obnoxious guy ever.

  • Seaglass by Sunny Noodle Films

    Troubled young man finds inspiration to resume his life's Path

  • Shaboom by FRED-TV

    Jonathan Stone's normal life takes a turn when a tinder match turns out to be a stalker and becomes more than a thorn in his side. Who's next?

  • Shoot the Moon by Dwarf Planet Productions

    A duo of amateur wrestling brothers struggle to find respect for each other after a small tragedy.

  • Slapped to the Future by Bottled Lightning
  • Somniphobia by Wax Idiotical Films

    A woman goes back through her memories to find why she can't sleep.

  • Special Occasion by The Royal Society for Putting People On Top of Other People

    Three friends tell stories about a fourth as they wait for him to arrive.

  • SupR Connections by Team Name Here

    Dating is tough, even if you can fly. An un-superman and a super woman discuss the perils of finding love.

  • Text Her by Unclear Advantage

    There is always someone you can text when you need help. You just need to know their number and what to ask for.

  • That Witch! by Victorious Secret

    A young man finds himself trapped in a witch's lair and plans an escape

  • The Diabolical Disgustoid by Box House Productions

    Mysterious circumstances follow the disgustoid everywhere. No one knows what will happen next.

  • The Fist's Bad Handshake by Hands Brerra

    After his city is saved from the clutches of a villain by a superhero, a mayor faces a different kind of obstacle.

  • The Right Fit by The Max Kaufman Collective

    After jumping off a bridge, a young man works his way through the bureaucracy of the afterlife.

  • The Silence by yum yum
  • Thud Taylor: Man of Action by Red Wine With Fish

    Thud Taylor: Man of Action attempts to thwart the evil Dr Millipede's plan to rule the city.

  • TinderTime by A Medley Of Fresh Vegetables

    The unexpected gift of time travel has our young heroine attempting to change the outcome of the worlds greatest disasters

  • Topic Card by The University of Vermont Film Crew

    Forced to spend the day with her ex-boyfriend due to a government mandated program, Nora finds herself submersed in memories of her past relationship.

  • Unlucky Break by NHS-TV (Norwood)

    A jilted teenage boy seeks revenge on his cheating ex girlfriend and continuously gets injured along the way.

  • Variety by The Troglodytes
  • What Happens in Vega... by Hop Top Films

    There's more than just eggs in some 'Specials'.

  • What Was In Those Brownies? by RUSerious
  • With a Thud by Lang Productions

    After wasting all their time on casting, two 48 hour film directors find they need a last-minute superhero to save the day.

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