Albuquerque, New Mexico July 15 - 17, 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to Mixed Minds for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film Secondhand Sunset will go on to represent Albuquerque against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

1st Place: Best Film of 2016

Secondhand Sunset by Mixed Minds

2nd Place: Best Film of 2016

Life Goes Up by #YOLO#

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October 14 - 16, 2016

Audience Favorite: Group A

Strange Kingdom by CHOGOKIN

Audience Favorite: Group B

Secondhand Sunset by Mixed Minds

Audience Favorite: Group C

Life Goes Up by #YOLO#

Best Writing

Life Goes Up by #YOLO#

Best Editing

Life Goes Up by #YOLO#

Best Directing

Secondhand Sunset by Mixed Minds

Best Cinematography

Secondhand Sunset by Mixed Minds

Best Sound Design

Cat Caller by Desert Lizards

Best Musical Score

Nine Lives by Body Count

Best Actor

Christopher Zappe Cat Caller by Desert Lizards

Best Actress

Sarah Minnich Secondhand Sunset by Mixed Minds

Best Ensemble Acting

Life Goes Up by #YOLO#

Best Graphics

Cat Caller by Desert Lizards

Best Special Effects

Me, Myself & Steve by Los Metates Studios

Best Costumes

Strange Kingdom by CHOGOKIN

Best Use of Character

Me, Myself & Steve by Los Metates Studios

Best Use of Prop

Three Piece Route by City College

Best Use of Line

Me, Myself & Steve by Los Metates Studios

2016 Film List

  • 19558 by Sol Mates
  • 19565 by Burquewood's Finest
  • A Livin in Love by Wisteria Productions

    He lives in her house with out her knowledge, She does not know he fell for her.

  • A Score To Settle by Troglodyte Productions

    There is really only one way to get out.

  • Basket Case by CF Productions

    A man falls a little too deeply in love after a one-night stand

  • Been With Me Since by Blue Dragon Films

    He's cynical but follows the rules. Jonathan Miles is just like everybody else...kind of.

  • Cat Caller by Desert Lizards

    A loving mother turns to an unorthodox guide to bring her son back from the snares of self-delusion

  • Cat Men Do by Don Pancho's Memorial Pictures

    To save her marriage a woman employs a cat therapist to deal with her husband's past life.

  • Clear Effects by Retro Sunshine

    A young man build futuristic glasses that let him see the future and the impact of his actions.

  • Companion by The Dirty Bench

    Be careful what you wish for son.

  • Cool Off by Lone Wolves Media

    Not so cool and collected

  • Critter Chase by Videotero

    A family is brought together through technology

  • Elaine Again by Vanilla Ink. Pictures

    A mother and son try to reconnect, despite the fact that one of them is dead.

  • Everyday Thoughts by New State

    Sharing anxious thoughts

  • Golden Saga by Nozzle Checks

    A cat therapist's clients feed her addiction

  • Grandma's House by Insignis Films

    When four guys try to rip of a grandmother for an easy score, it turns out she's not who she seems.

  • Heist 2K by The Rocket Wizards

    Two crooks make their last heist

  • I Witness by Vladimir Puddin Productions

    After being kidnapped, a young boy helps with the investigation.

  • Life Goes Up by #YOLO#

    Maybe One Day I'll Change

  • Love You To Pieces by Casting Coffee Group

    A women reaches her emotional limits when she receives the attention of unworldly beings.

  • Me, Myself & Steve by Los Metates Studios

    Steve and his inner voice go speed dating and learn to be content with life.

  • Meow Meow You're Dead by CNM Cinecats

    An accident leaves the family cat dead, so two siblings get a deadly assist from a gypsy woman.

  • Nine Lives by Body Count

    Weekly Adventure into the Unknown

  • Obliviman by Los Chupacabras

    Get 'em all!

  • Purple Birdie Takes Flight by Byrdmangroup/Mega Ultra Studios

    superhero awesomeness

  • Run by Bad Pearl

    Never buy an escort with fake money.

  • Scratch Me if You CAn by First Times The Charm

    Gumshoe, gold and ghosts...

  • Secondhand Sunset by Mixed Minds

    The lives and dreams of a farming family clash with the harsh realities that surround them.

  • Spin Cycle by Team Who's Got The Wig?

    SSpin Cycle, We all go around in our own little World.

  • Strange Kingdom by CHOGOKIN

    Comedy of errors

  • Taco by Barcode

    One man struggles to bring home dinner.

  • The continuing adventures of Mr. Sparkels by Cryptical Mass

    It is an Adventure cereal film about a dead cat who goes on many eescapades with many eccentric char

  • The Pretty Closet by The Fort

    This film follows the relationship of two roommates as they explore their friendship in a new way.

  • The Tale of the Three Thieves by Data Butterfly

    Three degenerate thieves descend into chaos when their car breaks ground.

  • Three Piece Route by City College

    She drives people around, but what drives her?

  • Time Flies by Quantum Hill

    A pilot with 30 years of guilt, finds closure in his time-traveling passengers

  • To Be Frank by 2Dope Boys and Key Frame

    Post Apocalyptic 'tail' of a man and his cat

  • Trinity by Troika

    Three Sequences

  • Valley of the Broken Hearts by Abundance

    A young widow in Depression-era New Mexico rediscovers her own inner strength.

  • Who by F6

    A murderer the detectives will never suspect, neither will you.

  • You Know How I Am by Lion Arch

    You're Killing My Return Business!

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