Washington, District of Columbia May 17 - 19, 2019

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to 2 Film 2 Festival for winning Best Film of 2019. Their film In Memoria will go on to represent Washington against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2020.

1st Place: Best Film of 2019

In Memoria by 2 Film 2 Festival

2nd Place: Best Film of 2019

The Facts are These by Unknown Penguin

3rd Place: Best Film of 2019

The Pod Caster by Plan R Films

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October 11 - 13, 2019

Required Elements

  • Character: Kevin or Kate Paltran, Podcaster
  • Prop: Tape
  • Line: ""There is no 'I' in team.""

Audience Favorite: Group A

Mise en Troublé by Speed Sloth

Audience Favorite: Group B

Becoming You by SHRUG Productions

Audience Favorite: Group C

Gary is Coming with Me by Running Caterpillar

Audience Favorite: Group D

The Pod Caster by Plan R Films

Audience Favorite: Group E

Doggone It by Maximum Summer

Best Writing

In Memoria by 2 Film 2 Festival

Honorable Mention
Nothing to See by Laugh Index Theatre

Best Editing

In Memoria by 2 Film 2 Festival

Best Directing

The Facts are These by Unknown Penguin

Best Cinematography

The Pod Caster by Plan R Films

Honorable Mention
The Facts are These by Unknown Penguin

Best Sound Design

The Facts are These by Unknown Penguin

Best Musical Score

The Solderer by Dragonberry WTF Productions

Best Song

Nothing to See by Laugh Index Theatre

Best Graphics

Ok Friendo by Conservatory Productions

Best Effects

Interfearon by Naked Puppets

Best Choreography

All Families Fight by DC Stunt Coalition

Best Set Design

The Solderer by Dragonberry WTF Productions

Honorable Mention
The Pod Caster by Plan R Films

Best Use of Character

The Pod Caster by Plan R Films

Best Use of Prop

Low Noon by The Edge of Edgy

Best Use of Line

Mise en Troublé by Speed Sloth

Best Comedy

The Facts are These by Unknown Penguin

Best Drama

In Memoria by 2 Film 2 Festival

Experimental Film

The Golden Cage of Television by Tohubohu Productions

Impact Award

.wav by Alternative Endings

2019 Film List

  • .wav by Alternative Endings

    In the near future, a brave revolutionary sets out to start a movement against oppressive forces using her voice.

  • Agora by I Got Nothin'

    A seasoned Senator meets an earnest challenger as they take the stage for their first debate.

  • All Families Fight by DC Stunt Coalition

    When a vigilante family experiences a tragic loss, the oldest sister threatens to expose their identities and end their adventures, only to come to terms with her own identity as a hero.

  • Alma by i&Me Creative

    If you spit up into the sky, it will fall back on you.

  • Baby Boy ♡ by Buzzed Bunnies

    A dysfunctional family meets for a bi-annual dinner to respect the wishes of their deceased father.

  • Back to Front by Motion Art Collective

    An office misfit with delusions of grandeur attempts to document the making of his hidden passion.

  • Becoming You by SHRUG Productions

    A woman makes discoveries about herself she never knew existed.

  • Bequest by Permanent Ink

    A mockumentary about fantasy writers clashing heads.

  • Billy by Eye of Auset

    A bullied young boy's introduction to a mysterious figure in the park transforms an innocent family gathering into an irreversible nightmare.

  • Breathe In, Breathe Out by WTP Films

    Internationally known podcaster and self-help guru Kate Paltran promotes peace, love and joy to a stress-filled company that really needs it.

  • Bridging the Gap by Kingdom Glory Works

    Bridging the gap between old and new in the job arena

  • Broil by Can We Change This Later? (productions)

    Members of a web therapy podcast must cope with a new threat.

  • Buddies by Barnyard Studios

    Veteran detective Rachel Winters is partners with buffoon cop Joel O'Neill on a murder case. When prime suspect Kevin Paltran starts a successful podcast based on the murder, Winters and O'Neill go to investigate, and find more trouble than they were hoping for.

  • Case #2B by Revenant Bears

    A noir style detective drama, where a couple of people are interrogated for a murder, with a surprise ending.

  • Case Closed by Reel It In

    Lines get blurred between a True Crime podcast producer and a bothersome colleague.

  • Delphic by NCDA Made

    Without warning, a young man is thrust into the dark depths of his own fractured psychology.

  • Dishing with Kate by D’Bronze Films

    A graduate of culinary school enters a podcast competition against all odds, beaten down and running out of time, can she make it?

  • Doggone It by Maximum Summer

    When a housesitting gig goes awry, two longtime friends find themselves on a frantic search for the missing Rex.

  • Everybody's Happy by EMT.FILMS

    To follow your dreams you must face the music.

  • Flip the Script by LoftonFilms

    Trey and Steve are idiots. But they are idiots with a job. When their boss Gina tells them they have 48 hours to write a love story,(and they are horror film writers), things go wrong fast because they just can't seem to get out of their own way. Will a romance novel reading janitor step out of her element and save the day?

  • Gary is Coming with Me by Running Caterpillar

    In the twilight of their relationship, Kevin and Karen vie for the affections of their beloved.

  • Harry! I Lost My Voice! by Far From The Path

    A podcaster loses her voice. A producer finds his.

  • Haunted Houses of the Chesapeake by Monkey Business Casual Productions

    When a rookie podcaster gets stood up by his producer, he investigates a haunted house on his own, not realizing he has shifted 50 years into the past to the evening of the horrific event that gave the house its reputation.

  • Home Pew Advantage by Discordian Films

    The other team is going down.....Amen

  • House Arrest by Mirandum Pictures

    A podcasting alcoholic discovers the sordid truths behind a crime she doesn't remember committing.

  • I-TEAM by 51st State of Confusion

    After a chilling experience with a social justice immersion program, a racist senator reforms his political direction.

  • I.O.O.B.G by Shining Star Productions

    Kate Paltran, who feels she is leading a boring life, has her life suddenly turned upside down as she is recruited on a secret spy mission. Close to completing her mission, she realizes that another target is zeroing in on the same target. Will she unveil the mysterious man and finish her task? Or will his identity get in the way?

  • In Memoria by 2 Film 2 Festival

    A man seeking forgiveness from a lost loved one leverages new technology to receive closure.

  • Interfearon by Naked Puppets

    When a technologically parasite threatens the future, the podcasters have to save the day.

  • Interview by Castle Ward Media

    Answer the phone. The west depends on it.

  • Jump Start by Klosa49

    The Paltran's take a family vacation and encounter the unexpected.

  • Love in 6 Floors by DMV productions

    Don't be a Square

  • Lover Boys by Duck Guy Productions

    After an unstable podcaster kidnaps an ex girlfriend of his, it is put in the hands of a mystery man to save the day. But is he really saving the day?

  • Lovers paradise by Bowie Movie Crew

    All is not what it seems in a lovers paradise.

  • Low Noon by The Edge of Edgy

    A Western Film Podcaster seeks vengeance against a discourteous commenter.

  • Mic'd Up by Just Mezin

    2 podcasters giving lifestyle advice in dire circumstances

  • Mise en Troublé by Speed Sloth

    Detective tries to solve a tough case during a tough time

  • Murder With Pal by B-side

    A podcaster narrates the day of a young woman’s murder.

  • Nothing to See by Laugh Index Theatre

    A normal high school girl doesn’t fit in a school for those with a particular power

  • Ok Friendo by Conservatory Productions

    Let's make a friendo.

  • Pizza is Here by Don't Tell Freddie

    Overly ambitious newbie filmmakers with big ideas struggle to overcome their outsized egos as they race to complete a 4 to 7 minute family drama within 48 hours for a film competition.

  • Podcast From Hell by The Failed 4th Graders

    Female pod caster who hates men comes across a half man half animal creature.

  • Problem Solvers by Parent Teacher Conference Callback Hotline

    Complicated problems require attention, care, and a LOT of vitriol.

  • Relationship Goals by District Empire Productions

    There is No I In Team

  • Sassy Ladies by Bitcoin Accepted

    Sassy Ladies finds out that maybe their reality isn't as bad.. for the most part.

  • Six Feet, Under by Untouchable Films

    Almost everyone is terrible in the world of online dating

  • Solus by Clairvoyance

    A privileged woman is trying make sense of her existence when she can't shake the feeling that self is all that can be known to exist.

  • That's the Tea by Jagged Edge Productions

    Four girlfriends get together for some tea!

  • The Audition by Team WIFV

    An aspiring actress doesn't want to miss her chance to compete in a an acting competition.

  • The Broken Path by Mental Props

    The film visits a normal day in the life of a woman named Claire, who must act heroically and take charge in the suspenseful story about the struggle with addiction and recovery.

  • The Facts are These by Unknown Penguin

    Someone moved Kate's car during lunch, so naturally she's started a podcast to find out who did it.

  • The Golden Cage of Television by Tohubohu Productions

    Two office workers find themselves -- and the rest of their officemates -- behaving in increasingly outlandish ways. As they try to get to the bottom of their situation, the duo finds they may not be able to escape their bizarre circumstances.

  • The Hermit by Mini Milers

    A Hermit finds friendship in a Hermit crab.

  • The Old Pod Caster by Actors with Strings

    He makes Casts of Pods - that is not PodCasting

  • The Pod Caster by Plan R Films

    How do you choose who to cast off to preserve the existence of humanity?

  • The Purloined Painting by Dupont Circle Pictures

    Hell is other people

  • The Reunion by Headless Chicken Productions

    Two estranged brothers come together after 30 years to do a podcast

  • The Solderer by Dragonberry WTF Productions

    In a future where technological advances are government regulated, a home-imprisoned cyber-genius utilizes discarded electronics to assemble the means for his escape.

  • The Will by Thoth Entertainment

    Kate and Kevin, siblings, recently inherit their dad's horse farm and they embark on a journey to run it, but Kate doesn't want to leave her job in the big city.

  • This Time by No Sleep Till Sunday

    Hungry, tired, and stealing for survival, vagabond friends--Dakota and Jordyn-- search for an item critical to their next adventure, but what will stop them this time?

  • Transmission Ends by Semi-Wrong

    When the lines blur between podcast and relationships

  • Two-To-Make Threes by Cup O'Meat Productions

    An amateur detective gets all the wrong clues and builds a crime where one doesn't exist... or does it?

  • Two's a Crowd by Tanya

    A young couple works on building a family, albeit nontraditionally.

  • Ukulele Melee by Emerson Roman

    Bad things happen when you steal a ukulele player’s original composition.

  • Unsolved by Kickback Productions

    Famous podcaster Kevin Paltran has to interview a prime suspect in a serial murder case.

  • Varus by Defectum Tempus Itinerantur

    Cowardly Podcaster

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