Judging Criteria 48 Hour Film Project

In the past our panels of judges have included film critics, producers, actors, and other filmmakers.

Considerations For Best Film

  • Artistic Merit (story, creativity, entertainment, etc.) - 45%
  • Technical Merit - 30%
  • Adherence to the Assignment - 25%

Audience Award

All films, on-time and late, are eligible for the Audience Award, which is determined by audience ballot at the premiere screenings in each city.

New To The 48?

Grand Prize 48 Hour Film Project

An international panel of judges will select the Best Film of 2019 from among the best film of each city. The winner will be announced at our Awards Ceremony at Filmapalooza 2020 and they will receive:

  • The Grand Prize Trophy
  • $5000 USD Cash Prize

Cannes Film Festival, Court Métrage

Additionally, the top 10 films of the year from around the world will be screened at the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2020.

Local Prizes 48 Hour Film Project

The winner of Best Film of 2019 in each city receives:

  • Filmapalooza Screening: The City Winner will be screened at Filmapalooza 2020, the official 48HFP Awards Weekend.
  • A Trophy which will be presented at Filmapalooza.
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter Software 6: The premier screenwriting software and the choice of Hollywood. ($250 value)
  • Some cities may have additional prizes.

Other Awards

Other awards may include:

  • Best Acting
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Directing
  • Best Editing
  • Best Musical Score
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Use of Character
  • Best Use of Prop
  • Best Use of Line
  • Best Writing

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