The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Utrecht winners!

Best Use of Character
"Curatio", Hourselves

Best Use of Prop (Winner of the "Golden Broom")
"Nightshift Ninjas", Helikopter Film

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Shopping", Large Parrot and Dolly & Co

Best Use of Genre
"Hier komt de zon", the greatest filmcompany in the world

Honorarable Mention for Use of Genre
"Shindy", Utilitas Productions

Best Use of Utrecht Landmark
"Ego Trip", ELPU

Best Costumes
"Shindy", Utilitas Productions

Best Special Effects
"Curatio", Hourselves

Best Sound Design
"Is het lamsvlees?", TOP productions

Best Musical Score

Best Actor
"Hier komt de zon", the greatest filmcompany in the world

Best Actress
"Liefje kom je nou nog?", Hatseflats

Best Cinematography

Honorarable Mention for Cinematography
"Waterland", Piranha

Best Editing
"Opzet", Dyzlo Film

Best Male Script
"Opzet", Dyzlo Film

Best Female Script
"Shopping", Large Parrot and Dolly & Co

Best Directing
"Nightshift Ninjas", Helikopter Film

2nd Runner up 48 Hour Film 2007
"Is het lamsvlees?", TOP productions

1st Runner up 48 Hour Film 2007
"Shopping", Large Parrot and Dolly & Co

Best 48 Hour Film 2007

Audience Awards

The audience award winners are:

Audience Award: Group A
"Waterland", Piranha

Audience Award: Group B
"Hier komt de zon", The Greatest Film Company in the World

Audience Award: Group C
"Is het lamsvlees?", TOP productions

Audience Award: Group D
"Wladimir", Triomf van Habbekrats

Congratulations to our award winners and everyone who made a film in just 48 hours!

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Want to hear about the Utrecht 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the Utrecht 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where Utrecht 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

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Photo by David Iliff.


Character: Rene Koning, Museum Curator
Prop: Bezem (a broom)
Line of Dialogue: "Is dat hoe je het hebben wilt?"
"Is that the way you want it?"

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Alle Films op alfabetische volgorde:

"14 mijn naam is Eiline" by Branded Shorts (Omar Perineau)
"2CV" by The Immigrants (Marieke Voeten)
"Afgeveegt" by Sphinkx (Luuk Eigenraam)
"Arc" by Teamlien (Annelien Nijland)
"Cheirotonia" by Energiesproductions (E Eggens)
"Chess Parallax" by New Dutch Wave (Fretz/de Gooijer)
"Curatio" by Hourselves (Victor van Doorn)
"De keus van de Koning" by Amsterdam POLDOX (Daniel Gulpers)
"Droste" by Dispenser Unit (Daniel Van der Schoor)
"Ego Trip" by ELPU (Peter Westerink)
"Escape to Paradise" by Challenging (Moniek Jansink)
"Extra Uitzending" by Twisted Motion (Arjan Kappe)
"Firma de Bruyn" by Avatar (Bart van Geldrop)
"Het is wat" by MediaMixers (Twan van Dommelen)
"Hier komt de zon" by the Greatest Film Company in the World (Carmen Araujo)
"Is het lamsvlees?" by TOP productions (Tamer Avkapan)
"Koning & Koning" by (Dorus Oerlemans)
"Liefje kom je nou nog?" by Hatseflats (Constant van Panhuys)
"Lost in Between" by CinemAria (Farshad Aria)
"Maria’s Coup" by 4D-Bellisima (Mennolt van Wasbeek)
"Mis" by FC Verdade (Dennis Lubbers)
"Nightshift Ninjas" by Helikopter Film (Marieke Wijnen)
"Opzet" by Dyzlo Film (Lazlo Tonk)
"Re ne e" by DVD2 (Romain Bakx)
"Rode kool met spekjes" by Zero Sleep (Toine Nieuwenhuis)
"Shindy" by Utilitas Productions (Vincent van den Broek)
"Shopping" by Large Parrot and Dolly & Co (Claudia Clemente)
"Souvenir" by (Henk Haselager)
"Still Love" by Blinde Mol (Brian Teuwen)
"Super Jan" by Pakezel producties (Naama Palfrey)
"Sweep Stake" by The dealers (John de Haas)
"Te Laat" by Zimati (Mark Wallaard)
"Textural Movement" by Roel Scheijde)
"The Da Vinci Codec" by (Marcel Ruijken)
"The Return of the Darklord Museumcurator" by Filmjugend (Maurice Trouwborst)
"The Rose" by Artemis Film (Artyom Zakharenko)
"The Souvenir" by Masters of Science (James Serra)
"The Way" by Diependaal, Dommels, Went, Babol, Knigge en van Raak
"The Way You Want It?" by Blinde Mol (Brian Teuwen)
"Tussenwereld" by The Lovely Ones (Marcel Romeijn)
"Twice" by Fellini (Yorgos Christoforou)
"Unlucky Number" by Remmenlos (Lucas Van der Waal)
"Verlangen" by Artistic Instincts (Hugo Vlug)
"Waterland" by Piranha (Floris Liesker)
"Wladimir" by Triomf v Habbekrats (Julius Ponten)

Contact voor de pers

Chris Parker en Richard Schut
Producers 48 Hour Film Project Utrecht