The 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project

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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our San Francisco winners!

Best Use of Character
"No Bullshido" by A Big Gas Production

Best Use of Prop
"The Cure" by Lordy Lordy

Best Use of Line of Dialogue
"Hum Pop" by Late Again Films

Best Artistic Design
"From The Archives" by Montage Productions

Best Soundtrack
"No Bullshido" by A Big Gas Production

Best Special Effects
"Somnus" by Tied To The Mast

Best Choreography
"No Bullshido" by A Big Gas Production

Best Cinematography
"Like Lightning" by Trick Knee Productions

Best Editing
"Spare Us Asparagus" by Team Sub-Sanity

Best Writing
"Not Just Any Body" by Short Timers

Best Acting
"What Goes Up" by Missing Piece Productions

Best Directing
"Niedergang" by Fish Bowl Fulla Baby Oil

"Niedergang" by Fish Bowl Fulla Baby Oil, Joe Rivera

Audience Awards for the San Francisco 48HFP

The audience has spoken!

Audience Award Winner: Group A
"What Goes Up" by Missing Piece Productions

Audience Award Winner: Group B
"Vestern: A Western" by Beyond Forever Studios

Audience Award Winner: Group C
"The Last One" by One Sleepless Weekend

Congratulations to all of our award winners and everyone who made a film in just 48 hours!

San Francisco Filmmaker Blog

Want to hear about the San Francisco 48HFP from the filmmakers themselves? Then check out the San Francisco 48HFP Filmmaker Blog, where San Francisco 48HFP participants tell us stories of their wild weekend of filmmaking.

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Photo by Daniel Schwen.


Character: Mark or Margo Plantagenet, Foreign Ambassador
Prop: A pillow
Line of Dialogue: "When are you going to clean up this mess?”

San Francisco Teams

A Big Gas Production, Melody Crawford
AMP & Ink Baby Films, Maria Picar
Are We There Yet?, Leena Prasad, Chris Murdock
B.A.P./Xoflow Films, Mark Brown
Baoumount Pictures, Agnes Paquet
Bella Union Films, Gene Mocsy
Bland Productions, Danielle Barcena
Camera 5.1, Robin Edwards
Cardinal J. Daniels and the Dilettante Disciples, Kevin Quinn
Catrec Films, Ficus Kirkpatrick
Compressor Films, Tomas Puig
Critical Focus Productions, Kathy Thomas
Curly Haired People, Dax Santi
Dorsey Film Group, Steve Dorsey, Keith MacGowan
Emerging Artist Productions, Joel Hinojosa
Fish Bowl Fulla Baby Oil, Joe Rivera
Jerk Store Films, Logan Youree
Jump and Run, Dave Poole
Late Again Films, Yuri Baranovsky
Lordy Lordy, Daniel Ryan
Marrvelous Films, David Marr
Missing Piece Productions, Danielle Cohen
One Sleepless Weekend, Jill Bourque
onimpact, Patrick Yonally
PushPlay, Michael Wardner
Rabbit Power Films, Chad Mallam
Road Trippin’, Richard Martinez
sub-basement, Nick Davila
Team Lucky Dog, Vincent Lowe
team schneider, dickson schneider
Team SubSanity, Renata Foucre
The Short Timers, Rev. Dr. Christopher Garcia
Tied to the Mast, Valerie Tuffy
Trick Knee Productions, Darwin Meiners
Winners on the Inside, Douglas Hansen