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The Judges Have Spoken!

Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners!

Best Use of Character
"2 girls 1 truck" by Cinemarshmallows

Best Use of Prop
"Rain Crosser" by FilmAddict

Best Use of Line
"Vine Vremea" by Tătăişti

Best Costumes
"Rain Crosser" by FilmAddict

Best Special Effects
"Rain Crosser" by FilmAddict

Best Graphics
"Vine Vremea" by Tătăişti

Best Sound Design
"Vine Vremea" by Tătăişti

Best Cinematography
"Singing in the sun" by Maszlina Pictures

Best Editing
"Singing in the sun" by Maszlina Pictures

Best Actress
Laura Manea - "2 girls 1 truck" by Cinemarshmallows

Best Actor
Bogdan Costea - "Vine Vremea" by Tătăişti

Best Writing
"Rain Crosser" by FilmAddict

Best Directing
"Vine Vremea" by Tătăişti

Runner Up for Best Film
"The Rain Crosser" by Filmaddict

Best Film
"Vine Vremea" by Tătăişti

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Photo by Catalin Coman.

Required Elements

Personaj  George or Georgiana Constantin, Meteorolog (Meteorologist)
Recuzită  bicicletă (a bicycle)
Replică  "Nu pot, sunt prea scund." (I can't do it, I'm too short.)


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Registered Teams

cine m-a film, Sorin Tănase
CineMarshmallows, Adina Daca
Filmaddict, Andrei Ion
Fire Ops, Bogdan Gheorghiu
Fish on the Road, Gherghe Andrei-George
Free Dacians, Vulpe Grig
Long Sky Production, Nikolas Grasso
Maszlina Pictures, József Bán
Petre Pandrea & The Hedgehogs, Iulia Matei
Sancho Panza, bogdan t. manolache
Stăpânii Fântânilor, Andrei Fanciali
Synopsis, Anca Dumitrache
Tataisti, Razvan Ilinca
The Full Framers, Lucian Stan
The Meerkats, Ioana Lascăr

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