The 48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project/Panasonic
HD Filmmaker Showdown

Starting November 14, 2008, five teams from across the United States participated in the fourth annual Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown. The teams were chosen to participate based on their city winning films made as part of the 2008 48HFP Tour.

Panasonic loaned each team a Panasonic HPX500 HD camera and accessories to make an HD film using P2 technology. As in the regular 48HFP contest, for the HDFS teams received a genre, character, prop and line of dialogue. The winner of the HDFS will be announced at Filmapalooza, which will take place at the Miami International Film Festival in March and will receive a Panasonic HPX170 HD camera to keep. Congratulations to the teams. To watch the films, click below.

Participants in the HD Filmmaker Showdown

Team NameCity Film
Dorkus Rainbowpants Minneapolis "Chuck Murray Knows"
More Where That Came From Denver "Quillions"
Par-t-com Productions Los Angeles "Lefties"
Sprezzatura Washington, DC "PenPals"
Studio Bib Simmons Milwaukee "Magic Pen"

And the winner is...

Best Film of the HD Filmmaker Showdown
"Quillions" by More Where That Came From from Denver

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Character: Herb or Helen Billups,
Bank Employee
Prop: a special pen
Line of Dialogue: "Sometimes I do and sometimes
I don't."

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