The 48 Hour Film Project

The Phoenix 48 Hour Film Project

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Our panel of judges has made its decision. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our Phoenix winners!

Best Use of Character

"The Demented Dr. Steel" by Happy Crew

Best Use of Prop

"The Demented Dr. Steel" by Happy Crew

Best Use of Line of Dialogue


Inkie Studios for "Flower Girl"

Best Use of Genre

Great Scott for "In the Hands of a Champion"

Best Sound Design

"Blight" by Wasteknot

Best Special Effects

Okay ... Thanks! Productions for "Phantom Reflection"

Best Acting

Resound for "Confessions of a White Collar Cop"

Best Editing

Resound for "Confessions of a White Collar Cop"

Best Script

(tie) "Flower Girl" by Inkie Studios and "The Demented Dr. Steel" by Happy Crew

Best Cinematography

Melting Clocks Productions for "Who Killed T. Steel?"

Best Directing

(3-way tie) "Confessions of a White Collar Cop" by Resound, "Flower Girl" by Inkie Studios, and "Who Killed T. Steel?" by Melting Clocks Productions

Best Film

Inkie Studios for "Flower Girl"

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Photo by Jim Blanton.

Phoenix Teams

513, Paul Welter

b & b productions, baca briggs baca briggs

Great Scott, Kathy Good

Happy Crew, Tom Speaks

I Dont Get It Productions, Todd Hamilton

Inkie Studios, Joel Klandrud

Okay... Thanks! Productions, Lucas Boyle

Mexorean, Kristin Bauerle

Phoenix Indieclub, Nicole Eilers

Resound, Jeffrey Watson

Stone Tools, Nick Orciuolo

Team Grace, Brian Thomas

Team Techla, Techla Fish

The Art Institute of Phoenix Team, Samuel Tolson

The Other Guyz, Peter Dahm

Two Dogs Long, Jennifer Dornbush

Wasteknot, Adam Grover