Orlando, Florida July 15 - 17, 2016

Announcing the Winners

After much deliberation, our distinguished panel of judges has selected this year’s winning films. Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and teams who participated. We are proud to announce our winners.

Kudos to [winfilm:team-label] for winning Best Film of 2016. Their film [winfilm:label] will go on to represent Orlando against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2017.

Required Elements

  • Character: Amy or Arnold Taylorson, Candidate
  • Prop: a swim fin
  • Line: "She was here just a minute ago."

Audience Favorite: Group B

Honorable Mention
Salesmen? by Fly Dog Productions

2016 Film List

  • Donovans Dead End by 1 Slate Media

    Donovan takes a walk that will change his life. Possibly forever.

  • Iteration by Voodoo films

    Time is forever

  • Last Gift by FireDrive Films

    Vote your heart or vote your conscience

  • Lets Go by Four Guys and some Girls

    3 lives intersect when lives are at stake

  • Running Mate by Flinger Films
  • Salesmen? by Fly Dog Productions

    Things happen.

  • The Reluctant Candidate by Robert J. Smith

    A married man would rather do anything than run for city council.

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