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48HFP Films Screen At Cannes 2017Thursday, June 29, 2017


Imagine yourself on the red carpet, walking up the iconic 24 stairs into the Palais du Cinema for one of the Official Selection world premier screenings, blinded by the flash of the paparazzi cameras. There is a buzz in the air from the sounds of the thousands of film fans, studio executives, and A-list celebrities that have all squeezed in to the tiny resort town on the French Riviera. Was that Nicole Kidman that just walked by? Imagine yourself taking a master class with Alfonso Cuaron, and then looking over your shoulder to see none other than Guillermo del Toro in the seat behind you. Imagine hobnobbing with movie stars at private parties, negotiating with distributors at the film market, and just being right at the center of the most highly regarded film festival on the planet--Cannes Film Festival. Well, for a group of 48HFP filmmakers and producers from around the world, they no longer have to imagine those things--because they got to experience it all for themselves!

Last week marked our 11th trip to Cannes for our special 48HFP screenings as part of the Cannes Short Film Corner. This year we were able to present 15 48 Hour Films and had nearly 70 filmmakers in attendance. We were on the home turf of our 2016 Grand Champion team, RIP Productions. They won the Cote d'Azur 48HFP with their film "Marginaux" and then went on to Filmapalooza, where they were also selected as the global 48HFP winner. The team led our contingent of 48HFP Cannes attendees from around the world, representing filmmakers from Argentina, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, and the USA.

unnamed1The Cannes Film Festival (or Festival de Cannes) is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. Since its beginnings in 1946, Cannes has birthed such films as "Apocalypse Now", "La Dolce Vita", and "Barton Fink", among scores of other films that are now considered staples among cinéastes around the world.

Our top 48HFP films from last year's tour screened on May 23rd as a part of the Short Film Corner. Earlier in the week, a smaller group of 48HFP'ers participated in a special filmmaking invitational sponsored by HP, called "Masters of the Short Film." In addition to the film screenings, attendees reveled in the many parties, workshops, and red carpet events that were all part of the Cannes experience. For many of our 48HFP filmamkers, this trip to Cannes was the highlight of their filmmaking careers so far!

48HFP Alumni And Producers At Cannes

unnamed2The 2016 48HFP winners weren't the only 48HFP'ers at the Festival. This year saw a big group of 48HFP Alums in attendance with their shorts or feature films. Atlanta 48HFP alumni Dewayne & Lawayne Bontrager (Bontrager Twins Productions) were in Cannes for the screening of their film "The Bridge", which was made through last year's 48HFP competition. Though it did't walk away as the overall city winner, the film did snag Best Costumes, Best Choreography, and Audience Choice awards. The Bontragers subsequently entered "The Bridge" into Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida, where it was among the top 10 films, earning a Cannes screening as part of the Short Film Corner.

Christian Cashmir (The Prairie Dogs featuring Uncle Henry's Bowling Club from Tampa-St. Petersburg 48HFP) was also in attendance at Cannes, but for a different reason. He was trying to find a buyer for his web series "BTS: The Webseries", a comedic "behind the scenes" look at filmmaking, partially inspired by his own production company, Litewave Media. Cashmir met with companies at Cannes' film market to discuss distribution for the series. But it wasn't just all work and no play--"We overall had an amazing time in Cannes - met a lot of great people and saw a lot of unique films," said Cashmir. One of his personal highlights of the trip was attending a master class with Alfonso Cuaron that got crashed by none other than Guillermo Del Toro!

Three of our 48HFP Producers were also in Cannes to market and sell their feature films. Tsogo Namsrai (Mongolia) had a booth in the Marche du Film. He said that he was busy from morning to night with producer meetings and discussions with potential distributors of his current feature, as well as potential partners for his next feature. David Stott (NY) was in attendance to hawk his film "Coach of the Year". Rounding out our trio of 48HFP producers with feature films was Gal Greenspan (Israel) with his film "Scaffolding."

Film Sales At Cannes

As if the trip to Cannes were not memorable enough, a couple 48HFP'ers had even bigger news that ultimately came from their experience. In a news report from just a couple days ago, it was reported that Gal Greenspan's feature film "Scaffolding" was just picked up for distribution in France

But that's not all--for the first time in our 11 year relationship with the Cannes Film Festival, the Short Film Agency--a special partner of the Festival--has selected one of our 48HFP films for distribution! "BioBuddy", the winning film from Prague last year, was selected from several thousand films entered in the Festival.


Jan Chramosta, director and producer of "BioBuddy", is thrilled that his film will reach a bigger audience. The Short Film Agency will distribute the short film to be screened before the feature presentation at Art House theaters throughout France.

Congratulations to everyone that attended Cannes! View all of the official 48HFP Cannes selections.

Want to see YOUR film go to Cannes? The top films from this year's 48HFP tour will screen at Cannes in 2018. Find out when the 48HFP is coming to your city.

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