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Filmapalooza Seattle: What You MissedMonday, March 27, 2017

If you didn't make it to Seattle earlier this month for this year's Filmapalooza, you definitely missed out on one of our best events yet! Over 350 filmmakers representing 97 different cities around the world traveled to Seattle to the 48HFP's annual global film competition and festival.

Two screens at the SIFF Cinema Uptown were showing 48HFP films practically non-stop, with all 134 city-winning films from our 2016 tour, 12 special genre competition films, two 48 Day Feature films, and a special Seattle 48HFP & Grand Champion retrospective screening all showing over the four days of Filmapalooza. The nearby SIFF Film Center hosted our workshops, which were extremely popular with Filmapalooza attendees. Adobe was on hand to show filmmakers how best to make a professional-looking film with very little budget, and also donated some Creative Cloud licenses that were given away as door prizes to some lucky Filmapalooza attendees. Other workshop topics included screenwriting, creating a web series, going from short to feature film, and a special women in filmmaking panel that featured Seattle-area directors, writers, actors and producers.

And the parties--there were some great ones this year! We kicked off Filmapalooza with an opening night mixer sponsored by the Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival. This was an awesome event, with Filmapalooza attendees from all over the world meeting each other for the first time in Seattle. This year also featured the return of our annual karaoke party, and once again our filmmakers did not disappoint! There were some energetic performances throughout the night as people sang their favorite tunes while mixing it up with other filmmakers. Our Filmmaker Lounge was also open at various points throughout the weekend, giving filmmakers yet another opportunity to connect and network with each other.

Everyone had an incredible time during this Filmapalooza weekend, with many filmmakers calling it a life-changing event for them. Here are just a few of the comments from filmmakers:

I've yet to attend another event where I'm surrounded by so many enthusiastic, friendly, diverse and talented people. The creative energy I feel at Filmapalooza is invigorating, and leaves me feeling inspired long after the festival is over.

It's rare you can be in one place at one time celebrating with people from all over the globe who all share a passion for filmmaking. That alone creates a special bond and then the friendships and networking runs deeper.

Where else can you see a Polish Western, a Kenyan tear-jerker, and a proper British farce? Only at Filmapalooza.

Filmapalooza is an amazing gathering of like-minded souls. It was such an incredible experience being with so many talented people, all energized and excited to share their work and their knowledge.

I have met so many people from all over the world, people I can truly call friends. I've even collaborated internationally with several of them!

I loved seeing so many films from such a diverse group of backgrounds and experience levels. Filmapalooza has made me want to learn more and do better as an artist. It's rekindled not only my love of films, but my love of languages and collaboration with fellow cinephiles. I cannot recommend it enough: if you're on the fence about attending Filmapalooza, go! You will be so glad you did.

The Filmapalooza experience culminated with our Best Of screening and Awards Ceremony, where all of the city-winning filmmakers were awarded their Best Film trophy. Comedian & storyteller Emmett Montgomery hosted the event, keeping the audience entertained throughout the awards ceremony. We also heard from guest speaker Scilla Andreen, co-founder and CEO of IndieFlix. She shared some encouraging and inspiring words with the filmmakers, and praised them for their creativity and dedication to the 48HFP. The evening concluded with the announcement of our global award-winning films. Special thanks go out to our panel of Filmapalooza judges, director Marco Grandia, director & screenwriter Wayne Slaten, and editor and director Hannah Macpherson. The Grand Champion award for our 2016 tour went to RIP Productions from Cote d'Azur for their film Marginaux.

You can check out photos and videos from Filmapalooza by searching for #48Filma on your favorite social media channel. And make plans to attend next year!

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