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Alumni Achievements: 48HFP'er Stars In Superbowl AdSaturday, February 18, 2017

If you watch the Superbowl, you know that the biggest sporting event of the year is almost just as popular for one other reason besides football--the famous halftime ads. 48HFP Alumnus Sam Schweikert was front and center this Superbowl Sunday as the star of Budweiser's ad Born the Hard Way.

Schweikert portrays none other than Adolphus Busch, the co-founder of Budweiser's parent brand, Anheuser-Busch InBev. The ad itself is more than timely--it tells the story of Busch's trip to America as a young immigrant, armed with only his vision and determination to create the world's largest brewery. A mini-film in itself, Born the Hard Way is the classic story of achieving the American dream. Production on the ad took over three days, and featured a whopping 45 shots within the sixty second spot.

Schweikert is no stranger to the 48HFP--his team 'Bad & Classic Productions' has competed in numerous 48HFP competitions over the last five years. Their film A Man Called McClane was awarded Best Film in the 2013 San Diego 48HFP. You may also recognize him as one of the cowboys in our 48HFP promotional video What Is The 48?.

As an actor, Schweikert has numerous credits to his name, including work on 22 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. But it turns out he's just as comfortable behind the camera as he is in front of it, having worked on the sets of Neighbors, CSI, Gossip Girl, and several of the Paranomal Activities films. Check out more of Schweikert's credits on his IMDB page:

Sam Schweikert on IMDB What Is The 48?

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