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Our Top 10 Articles From 2016Monday, January 16, 2017

2016 was not only a great year for our films, but it was also a great year for our newsletter! Each month, our newsletter goes out to tens of thousands of filmmakers from around the world. We try to jam pack each newsletter with the best film tips & tutorials, film industry interviews, our top 48HFP films, tour dates and the latest in global 48HFP news and announcements.

We've compiled our top 10 articles from 2016 below as a recap and reminder of the many great accomplishments that last year brought us (our 48HFP filmmaking community).

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Top 10 Articles

10. 48HFP Alumni Achievements: 48HFP Film Reboot "Grow" Prospers At Tribeca 9. Happy Thanksgiving From The 48 Hour Film Project 8. Spring Filmmaking Grants To Apply For Today 7. Ready To Make More Films? Here Are More Ways To Get Your 48HFP Filmmaking Fix 6. 48HFP Films Screen At 2016 Cannes Film Festival 5. 48HFP Alumni Achievements: 48HFP Short Film Wins Prize To Become A TV Pilot 4. 48HFP Alumni Achievements: 48HFP Filmmakers Tackle Period Feature-Length Supernatural Thriller 3. Filmapalooza Registration Is Officially Open! 2. 48HFP Alumni Achievments: Denver 48HFP Filmmakers Land Distribution Deal 1. Intro To Color Grading

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