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Alumni Achievements: 48HFP Filmmaker Chosen For Sundance Ignite FellowshipSunday, January 15, 2017

Massachusetts 48HFP filmmaker Alex Kamb has been selected for what could possibly be a life-changing opportunity for any young filmmaker--a year long mentorship under a famous director or producer as a part of the Sundance Institute Ignite Fellowship. The 23 year old was one of just 15 filmmakers selected from the hundreds around the world that entered last year's contest for a chance to win the fellowship.

The Sundance Ignite What's Next? competition was sponsored by the Sundance Institute and Adobe's Project 1324. Filmmakers around the world between the ages of 18 and 24 were tasked with answering the question What's Next? by means of a short video essay or project. Voting on the films was open to the public, with the top filmmmakers winning the one year fellowship, a trip to the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, and more. Kamb's short film Grandpa, Remember Me? was among the top films in the competition.

Kamb heard about the competition from his DP. After receiving her text message two weeks before the deadline to enter, Kamb decided Hey, why not? His winning film Grandpa, Remember Me? is based on the events of his own life and that of his family members. Rather than making something narrative, I wanted to try making something a bit more experimental, said Kamb.

Watch Grandpa, Remember Me? below:

2016 was a busy filmmaking year for Kamb already, having entered 48HFP competitions in Boston, Chicago, New Haven, and Philadelphia, along with the Four Points Film Project, the LA 48HFP Holiday Project and the Providence 48HFP Horror Project. Kamb said that he and his teammates participated in so many different competitions because they really just love making films and hanging out together.

The 48HFP also been an invaluable tool to help him think on his feet during the filmmaking process. The best thing you learn when doing a 48HFP is finding creative solutions to problems in a short amount of time. Even on big budget films, there's always a time crunch and it's definitely good to practice working under such pressure.

Kamb's Sundance Ignite fellowship will be comprised of many different components, including workshops during the Sundance Film Festival as well as a year long partnership with a mentor (a famous director or producer) who will actually help Kamb with his next film. For Kamb, it's a dream come true. The entire experience is amazing and I still can't believe it.

What's next for Kamb? He's currently working on several shorts because he loves the format, but wants to focus his efforts on his feature film project titled No Future In The Valley. Kamb and his team also just finished a 20 minute proof of concept short film called Axiom, that they are currently running around the festival circuit in the hopes of finding support to turn it into a feature.

Despite the fact that Kamb's films are constantly in the public eye by means of screenings, festivals, and online viewings, he thinks that filmmakers should still keep the filmmaking process focused inward. My only advice to filmmakers is to make films that you want to make. Don't make films to please audiences, or to please the critics, or to win awards. Make films that you want to make. If you try for anything else, you'll just be messing with your own head.

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