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Love, Romance, And Marriage-The 48HFP On DatingAdvice.comTuesday, October 25, 2016

We've known for years that the 48HFP can be awesome for your filmmaking career, but did you know that it can also do wonders for your love life?

Read all about it in this recent article on the 48HFP from "The 48 Hour Film Project™ Brings Creative People Together..."

The author of the article, Amber Brooks, recounts her own experience of working on a high school film project with her then-boyfriend, and the amazing bond that was created between them while working side by side on their film. She goes on to highlight the many different opportunities to connect with people throughout the 48HFP process.

48HFP Executive Producer Liz Langston shares that the 48HFP has worked hard to create the kind of filmmaking community that allows those bonds to be formed. 'We host these events to encourage and support filmmaking,' Liz said. 'Our filmmakers are very inspired by being part of this community.' Filmmakers, actors, and crew have many opportunities to meet new friends (and potential partners) through the networking events, filmmaking weekend, screenings, and parties that are all a part of the 48HFP experience.

And it's exactly that kind of experience that brings people together--Langston estimates that hundreds of relationships have formed because of the 48HFP, with over 15 of them leading to marriage!

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Langston thinks the mixture of excitement and adrenaline while pursuing a difficult goal is what fuels the fire for budding relationships in the 48HFP. 'If you’re on a filmmaking team with people, even people you don’t know, you’re in an intense situation with people for an entire weekend,' said Langston. 'That sort of closeness really helps people get to know each other.'

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